what does everybody take home?

I'm hardly anonymous on here anymore. At least one supervisor that reads here has IDed me.
From time to time, I take info notices and company pens, but that's it. They come back with me the next day.
What do YOU take home, meme?


What the hell is YOUPS??
Pens and info notices, but they end up in my shirt pocket the next day anyway. For a laugh, last christmas I wrapped all my gifts in UPS express paks.


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Have numerous pens and infonotices that travel to and from UPS with me every day. And the occasional ASD or DVIR that I forget to turn in and do so the next day.


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Were I'm on an extended route, I have an entire office with Feeder time cards, delivery notices, house mail & c.o.d. envelopes, etc. But all is really sent to me. Curious thread though, I really have never personally encountered anyone stupid enough to risk their job by "taking anything home", heard stories, but no one that I know beyond the innocuous pen or paper clip.
My read is, either 'meme' is bursting to give up their take, or fishing to get someone to give themselves up, so 'meme' can report as to what a bunch of theives UPS people are. If the latter is the case, unfortunately for them, they are barking up the wrong tree. I have been honored to work with such an honest lot, that bleeds integrity every day.


No more Brown!
Good call about the income aspect. If that, I doubt enough to afford my Chevy pickup's appetite.
I'friend i misread meme's intentions, sorry. I'll blame it on the attempt to switch to decaf, I just fire a little slower on this stuff.


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