What exactly happens when pickoff is out?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by maniacalsteve, May 23, 2012.

  1. maniacalsteve

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    Ok, so our pickoff guy for the belt is out training for a driver position. I have the highest part-time seniority on the belt, yet our manager is putting just about every other loader on the belt up top to cover pickoff. I'm a pretty good loader, and I'm in the heaviest (highest volume) load truck. I talked to my manager about wanting to pick off while the usual pickoff guy is out, and he told me that everyone else that has been going up to pickoff has taken a belt test and that it is a first come basis with that (I always thought that the person with the highest seniority had the choice to take that position while someone was out on vacation or whatever.) However, I talked to those other employees and none of them except one has taken and passed a belt test. Im concerned that since I'm a fairly fast loader, my manager is trying to keep me from advancing to another job in the building. Please let me know what your guys' thoughts are on this.
  2. over9five

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    I agree. They will put someone there who sucks at his current job so as not to disrupt the operation.

    Is it a higher paying job? If so, seniority would prevail.

    Either way, see your steward!
  3. maniacalsteve

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    It is a bid position, which does make $1.00 more an hour. I already have my dollar from sorting on sort isle a while back. I want the position because it's easier on my back and I feel less tired after leaving work. They will eventually post this job at some point, but I think I should have it Until then. I will talk to our steward, thanks!
  4. hjb8399

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    Take the test . That way you are qualified in managements eyes and they can't ignore your senority. Then file , most of the time seniority is all we have.
  5. maniacalsteve

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    Oh that's a good idea! I might just take the test before I even talk to my steward. Thanks hjb8399.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The pickoff is out when the throw beats the runner back to the base.
  7. uber

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    That would almost be funny if it made any sense.
  8. gorilla75jdw

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    you shouldnt do such a good job in the load , hint , hint .
  9. UnsurePost

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    The company shouldn't be run so bass-ackwards that a good employee is treated unfairly.
  10. anonymous4

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    See this issue every day. I say it in every post, these issues need to be resolved in the contract with stiff language. Why are we okay with this and the 2,000 other things that go on day to day?
  11. 1000RR

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    pass your sort test, file a grievance if they still will not honor your seniority.
  12. maniacalsteve

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    Ive passed my sort test, but apparently I need to take a belt test. Since this thing occurred, I've slowed way down in the load. All the supervisors are asking me "are you doing okay?" I feel less wore out and they have made me the float instead of having to load the heaviest volume truck. It is stupid for anyone to work hard in a place that basically punishes you with more work for doing so. Especially when you get paid the same anyhow.
  13. iowa boy

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    Welcome to the UPS that we have all come to know.
  14. anonymous4

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    Bingo. It is ass backwards but it will be proven in every single case, if you're a standout worker you go where no one else wants to go and they pile the work on. That is the entire culture. It is a sad thing, but the problem is both piss poor management and overly lazy employees so it goes both ways. Bottom line, your check looks the same, you have protection to work as slow or fast as you'd like, don't ruin your body for a pat on the back unless you desire.
  15. maniacalsteve

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    Well said Liquid Swords.
  16. Anonymous 10

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    Yea bud but if they did that it wouldn't be ups.
  17. mvol50

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    Not sure how everyone else's buildings work, but the pick off isn't a bid or preferred position where i am. Supervisors and coordinators of each belt decide ultimately who picks off. If you are one of the better loaders on your belt then you bet your ass they want you in that heavy load. Sucks because the hardest workers do end up with the toughest work loads. I used to rotate hourlies that wanted reps up on the pick. I used their desire to try it as a way for them to do what i needed. If they got less reps as "back up" pick off when the regular guy was out or on vacation, i'd let them know why, period. Funny to read everyone is fighting the same fight i am. Too bad we can't all just work together lol
  18. Kis124

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    Strange to hear about belt tests, and sort tests...we have no such thing in my building. If you sort..it is this one is orange, yellow..ect. We have such horrible training. Unloaders are told to put boxes on belts, but aren't tols what is an irreg, how to properly lift over 70's and that the red and white bags are high value...they are the least paid, and the worst treated.
  19. NY11725

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    I'm having the opposite problem.

    I AM the pick off on my belt, and we are missing loaders, so I'm being pulled down to load while some random person not even on the outbound is coming to pick off. Yes, hes been with the company longer than I have, but he's not even a loader to begin with. I NEVER see the other 2 pick offs from the other 2 belts come down to load when a loader is out.... should I speak to my shop steward?