What Is Your Opinion On This?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by minicoopermama, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. minicoopermama

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    Hello all!

    I am wondering what you think of something.
    How do those of you feel when you have been with UPS for a while now and the company hires someone off of "the street"? I understand the ratio of how brown hires, but how do you as employees actually feel about it?
    Is it pretty much the practice of UPS to hire temp drivers for the holiday seaon and then cut them loose after Dec.31st? What is the likelihood that a temp driver will stay on? Does that bother anyone else when someone with no experience with the company comes in and lands the primo position?

    I ended up not going in for my appointment as a driver helper. From what I've read here, it is a very, very rough job. I am a very petite lady who already had broken her spine (about 3 months ago) and I don't think I could handle the job. I would love to get into UPS, but I cannot compromise my health to do so. KUDOS to all of you who work so hard day in and day out.

    (I'm bitter about a family member who is doing temp driving work with UPS and I hope they DON'T get the job after Christmas. I think the people who have been with the company and have senority should get the position, not this person. I guess I'm just mean!)

    Thanks for reading. Stay warm everyone!
  2. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I am totally against "off the street" hires when it comes to filling any full-time positions. It is wrong. Temp drivers should only be used after all employees have been exhausted. I don't believe it is fair to hire anyone "off the street" (which usually means part-time sup) when there is already thousands of people in line waiting for full-time jobs at UPS. And to say "diversity" is why UPS hires part-time sups into full-time driving jobs is a slap in the face to all hourly employees. That is basically saying..."yeah we'll give most of the jobs to all of you hourly scum but we get to pick someone else for every six of you so we can actually have a few decent drivers." That is basically what it boils down to.
  3. Foamer Pyle

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    I was hired as a Christmas driver back in 1987 and brought back as a full time driver in September 1988. I sure am glad I did not have to go through all of that part time BS.:laugh: More outside people should be given the shot at a full-time job, I think the current ratio is 4 inside to 1 outside.
  4. toonertoo

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    Let me first say I think any attempt to fill full time requirrements should be inside. But I also think when it comes to filling the full time ranks it should be from within such as other unions within UPS which is what our car gassers and porters, and washers are. If not there then you will be like me another part of UPS which isnt governed by a union. Pt sups. I feel I paid my dues. Did I get to drive coz they needed to fill a slot of minority (women) . I never thought about it but I guess so. And fourteen yrs later I am still the only woman in my center. But I had to quit, and go to a center 70 miles away to do it. And Oh did I worry that I just screwed myself as I had no promise of going back to my former job, if I didnt make it I was done. And I didnt even get a promise that I would have a chance when I showed up, I had no guarantee, while thinking back I should have, but I was very naive to UPS. And I got cut from my 18.25 ph pt sup pay, to 9.11 per hr and regular progression, just like I got hired off the street. So do I think that is fair, yes I do. But that is just MHO.
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    minicoopermama.......I'm a mini cooper mama too. Mine's a 2005 purple haze with the sun roof. Love it, love it!!

    No, you're not mean, we all feel about family that way!!
  6. SmithBarney

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    Well its negotiated for in the contract, so I don't mind, infact anytime they hire or promote someone to driving, We are all very happy, because it means we have more "HELP"
  7. wannabeups

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    I work temp seasonal back in 1998. I think no one was signing up for feeders was the reason I was able to get on in November of last year. As far as anamosity for being hired off the street, if there is any they do an excellent job of hiding it.

    I think you are wrong about the part hourly scum and decent drivers. I have seen drivers the one who came from the hourly ranks whose driving skills could win a trucking "roadeo" on any given day.
  8. speeddemon

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    We don't have temp drivers in our center. We use helpers, or "runners".
  9. browniehound

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    Just a non-skilled, yet educated driver's opinion here. The only reason UPS hires off the street is to promote PTimers into FT management. What is the ratio 1:6? Let's face it, if that 1 off the street could truly make, it UPS would hire him/her.

    My experience is, only 1 out of 10 can make it at UPS. The ones that qualify tend to be the ones that stick around for a few years on the preload, twilight, or midnight.

    If you don't cut your teeth on a hub sort, you're doomed for failure. Its not brain surgery. Its just that most young people are lazy and if you can't handle a sort, you're not going to mske it as a driver.....
  10. nyymt62

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    I think it is completely ridiculous that UPS hires people off of the street. There is just something wrong about hiring someone off the street when there are tons of people working a back breaking part time job with the goal of driving a brown truck.
  11. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    The only time a full-time job should ever be filled from the outside is when there is no one on the inside interested or qualified (as in driving record). In most areas of the country there is more than enough people waiting for their shot at a f/t job.

    I was not not suggesting that management was saying that hourly employees were literally bad drivers. I was suggesting that they think someone from the hourly ranks would be a lesser driver overall. As in speed, area knowledge, work ethic, etc. I mean that has to be the reasoning behind hiring from outside. They preach diversity as the reason why. So what else could that mean? Most of our drivers that were off the street hires were literally that. HIRED OFF THE STREET and not from management. There are two or three that were management. They turned out no better than all of the other driver hired from within. Sure some of them started out like champs but after a while they became your ordinary average driver. So what is the point in hiring off the street? In the end the result is someone in the hourly ranks was screwed out of the job. That doesn't sound like diversity to me.
  12. CTOTH

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    I won a bid back in October for FT Cover Driver position. I passed my road test and was ready to go to school but even then, it's still only a maybe. Basically, they want you to quit your FT job and maybe (if management feels like it) you'll get a FT driving job. I retracted my bid and they hired off the street. Nobody in their right mind would quit a FT job because UPS might give them another FT job.

    They weren't even going to have work for me for a few weeks after I returned from school. I would've had to survive on a PT 17hr/week job for 3 weeks after my return.