What is your progression?

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    Can someone explain to me when you're new to the company you have to go through your progession for pay? What exactly is that?
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    an obstacle course
  3. Art. 22 Sec. 5 page

    Start reading at page 64.
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    Progression is the way you get paid until you reach "top rate" (what a seniority driver who has worked here long enough to have progressed to the highest rate in the current contract). In the PHL area we have a 2 and 1/2 or 3 year progression. When you make seniority you will be at 70% of top rate. seniority plus 1 year 80% plus 2 years 90% and plus 2.5 or 3 years 100%. Once you reach top rate you will always be at top rate. In progression you may go above the previous % because you will get raises along the way.

    You don't enter progression until you become a seniority driver which by contract is to have 30 work days in a 90 day period excluding Nov and Dec. Unfortunately in many areas the company and union have below board agreements that allow drivers to remain as seasonal/cover drivers for much longer without gaining seniority.
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    If you're new to the company I assume you're a part time hourly employee or prospect. If you make your inside seniority (30 days) you typically get a small raise, then depending on your function you sometimes get another raise around the 90 day mark. If you're a loader and you learn all the loads on your belt you sometimes can get a raise for that, or if you're a sorter or pickoff and learn the sort, same thing. It varies locally and by position.