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  1. DS

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    This happened to a driver I know .
    Never stand in the cargo area of your p57 and reach with your right hand and slam the bulkhead door shut.
    The cord got wedged between itself and that ridge that runs down the door,and broke the middle finger.
    The fingertip was on a 45 degree angle with a bone popping out just past the fingernail.
    The doctor had to use a scalpel to remove to top of the nail in order to snap the bone bsck to its relative position .
    Sleep was next to impossible after the hospital visit.
    He wont be playing stairway to heaven for 6 weeks.
  2. backinbrown

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    oww bulkhead door edges get very sharp also
  3. ol'browneye

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    Not quite picturing that scenario:confused2:
  4. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    This one time.......at band camp......
  5. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND


    Did that one time to a helper. The old heavy wooden doors? remember them? Got all four fingers. Took some long minutes to get the door unlocked because of the extra force against the lock.

    Never will forget the look on his face..............

    By the way, I know some really neat tricks to get your therapy going.

  6. upsgrunt

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    Does it involve soaking it in cider?:happy2:
  7. dilligaf

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    Or moonshine!
  8. Big Babooba

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    Tell the truth, someone got kicked in the nose!
  9. soberups

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    Give me morphine now!
  10. trplnkl

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    soaking from the inside?
  11. upsgrunt

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    I meant it as a play on words with our "midwestern" dry sense of humor-
    as in soak it "inside her":happy2:
  12. over9five

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    What's the expression? Would have loved to be a fly on the wall when that happened!

    DS, [-]did you[/-].. uhhh, did the driver you know utter some French?
  13. haydendavid380

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    Has anyone had any experiences with the horizontal sliding doors. First time I shut one, I found out that both doors shut at one. Even if your hand is in the middle....
  14. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    We had a driver shut his rear door while talking to some kids. Was standing on the rear bumper. Used his had between the sections to help pull it down and got three hung between the panels. Door was locked, key in his right pants pocket, with his right hand pinched in the door.

    He had to get help to get the key out and get the door unlocked.

    Even now, you can still see the three oval dents it made in that seam.

    DS....Ah.... tell the driver we feel his pain and wish [-]you[/-]......ah ... him the best!

  15. DS

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  16. drewed

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    Is that some sort of canadian gang sign Ds? AND WOW you really are old haha
  17. DS

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    Just goes to show ya,you're never too old to learn.
  18. UnsurePost

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    no, maybe you are just very young
  19. drewed

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    Seriously it reminds me of a prison pic, but oh a gangster from 30 yrs ago! haha
  20. dannyboy

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    Ya need to be holding it up, keep the swelling down.

    And why do you look so happy?:wink2:

    Just be thankful it was not more fingers.