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Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by UPGF Lackey, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. UPGF Lackey

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    Ok people, let's hear from you. what do you think (realisticly) we will be offered in the renogotiated contract. Remember I said realisticly. No wild demands. I have my own ideas and I think they are not going to offer anything better. We have not heard a peep from the leadership at the IBT. I believe they will take care of parcel business first and we will be on the backburner. Ok so now I turn it over to you all. What do you think?????
  2. Skeeters

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    LHD, Pension, Medical, is what they have to work on. The silence from the teamsters is very telling.

    A company like UPS would make our retirement $105.00 a year is pathetic. LHD 42 cents a mile and $15.00 an hour is pathetic. Our medical? Have you heard any facts or language on it. Of course not.

    That is pathetic. There you have it. Anyone that voted for this contract is pathetic.

    As long as we are on the back burner they can't pass this garbage. We are better off.
  3. big boy

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    vote no:not_fair:
  4. Gideon129

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    i think the union will get rid of the LHD, and the company will allow it because that entire thing was a teamster idea.
    LHD needs gone
    pension needs a little bump
    the 4 year progression needs to go back to 3
    taking a 20% pay cut for taking a non CDL bid needs to be gone. no reason and one should take a paycut to take a bid that their seniority allows them to hold.
    road drivers being allowed to bump to the cartage side needs gone too, if a road driver cant keep their physical up to date they aren't qualified to work the dock. they should be allowed to bump to the highest job they are qualified to do and thats part time dock.