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    In what situations have you ended up having to pay for a package or been disciplined? And what were the details of the situation and what happened to you? Was it grieved? Outcome?

    I've only been driving for a couple of months and hope to never run into that situation, but want to understand whatever possibility there is of being personally responsible for damage, someone claiming they didn't get something, etc and how common it is to run into that crap.
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    Don't screw up. Period.
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    You can be liable and asked to reimburse the company for a bad DR of a package with a value of $100 or more. They will have you pay $25/week which will be taken directly from your paycheck until the pkg value is paid off.
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    Back when we took cash for COD's I had to pay one back. I had a customer pay for a $1,600 COD with 16 $100 bills. At least in our area we had to have any amounts over $1k counted and signed off on by the nighttime OMS. Like an idiot, I did not since in my mind "how hard could it to be to count 16 bills?!?!" and dropped the cash envelope in the safe without having it audited. Later that night I got a call at home from the OMS asking where my cash envelope was. I told her I dropped it in the safe. NOPE. She said the safe takes two keys to open and neither persons with the keys saw it in there. So since I was the last person to see it I was therefore responsible for it and had to repay it. They wanted me at first to pay it upfront and I told them no way. They took out $25/week for 64 weeks till it was all paid back.

    Still to this day I think the two people who open the safe saw it was audited and pocketed the money. It happened conveniently right before Christmas. What a nice time to come across extra money.
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    I've lost 2 checks. No big deal. Whatever you do, DO NOT leave checks in your shirt pocket. Put them in the back of the truck. :dissapointed:
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    I've delivered a set of leather saddlebags from J and P Cycle. At the time I did not realize the house was vacant and I DR'd the package at the door. It disappeared. Had a DFU. Nothing more said.
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    It's their choice: they can make you pay, or write you up. They can't do both. So let them write you up first.

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    C.o.d money order only. If you take a personal check and it bounces, you will have to pay. Never happened to me but a few fellow drivers. I never have had to pay for a driver follow up. Old driver now retired had to pay for a Rolex. It was a duplex and he driver released it to front door. Wasn't sig. Req. but since he didn't follow methods for dr to a multiple family dwelling, he had to pay. He told me the story, over 10k he had to pay. Follow the dr guidelines and you ll be ok.
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    The largest paybacks usually involve improper procedures on high value pickups and deliveries. I've seen paybacks in excess of 10k due to mistakes involving hi values, most coming from the pickup side. Always get the clerk or supervisor to initial and sign off any package that requires hi value paperwork, I cannot stress this enough.
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    I lost a 3k+ money order. Same thing. Had it in my top pocket. Now they all go into my wallet.
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    Right into a COD envelope that's in the tote where i toss my clerk pkgs with ASDs, high value paper work and any other turn in paper work that's easy to lose. Haven't lost one in nearly a decade. Hope fully never will.
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    i hope you reported those two keyholders to security