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    Recently I was offered a chance to be a sorter in the LVD(Low Volume Distributor) on my load belt. I took this as a chance to advance, and I was given three half days (about six hours this week to "learn"). I didn't sort on Thursday-Fridayn due to the need of people loading. I had been waiting for this chance, and by the third day I threw only about 10 missorts. I had been chance for a year and a half, and recently as we were closing out I saw another guy (that has about 8 months seniority) up there. I know it is a Friday night and we are going down, but I was angered and I feel that three days is not an accurate time for me to become proficient at the job. My supervisor had even said on Wednesday that I was getting better.I asked my superviosr about and and she said that she was going to think about it and that she and the other supervisor would talk about it when he got back from vacation. I was wondering if they decide that I don't get it, if the union or my full-time could be consulted to help give me a fair shake. All I wanted was a fair share, and I go on vacation in two weeks (about the same time that the job becomes available).
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    If you have more senority than the other guy you should be up there.You should talk to your union steward and explain the situation to him/her.I picked off for about seven years and it will take you quite a while to learn how to pick off and not throw missorts,it is so much different than loading it will take you some time to get it down right.As far as a time table on how long everybodys different it took me about a month on the high volume strong side before i could handle it by myself and not throw missorts and keep the belt on.Management used to want a set of regular pickoffs but now it doesnt seem that way anymore,they want musical pickoffs.You need to get up there and stay up there ,none of this you do it one time and the next time somebody else.Talk to your union steward.
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    Are these bid jobs ? You need to check your local rider and see what it says about PT and preferrred jobs. Does everyone start at the rate ??? You might want to see a steward.