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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by plisken, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. plisken

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    Gee whiz! What is up with this message board lately? I keep logging on to catch some spiel about working for Brown and it has turned into a virtual chat room for 'the turner diaries'

    And I'm wondering about 'therodog'? First he's using a Navy Seal icon, falsely, and now 'white pride world wide.' Am I the only one who noticed this? He may as well be flyin a swastika or an Nazi 'ss' symbol!
    To him I gotta say: Hitler lost. Man there's been some wingnuts on here. Does this guy actually work for ups or is he room mates with that 'ezra-live' nut-job who was on here a while back?
    Isn't racism a cardinal sin at ups? I know this is not an 'official' company board, but if I were 'therodog' I would watch my step. Since he claims to be a shop steward somewhere in Mass. I'm guessing it wouldn't be so hard for some mgmt. types who patrol this board to figure out who the guy is, plus he had a picture of himself with a bunch of guns on here right?

    Hey, I'm all for freedom of speech, not hate speech, and I haven't seen the 'white pride world wide' symbol since the last time Geraldo brawled in the streets with the skinheads.

    If 'therodog' is a white power dude, then I'd say he better watch his step at work, also if he's that hardcore about it, I'd like to dare him to wear that 'white pride worldwide' t-shirt down to NOLA right about now. Just cruise on up to the superdome with that thing on. I dare ya!
  2. pliksen,
    this is one of the drawbacks to having freedoms, you have all kinds using it for their agenda. the only thing you can do is use your right to not listen or heed what they are saying.
  3. plisken

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    And also the right to protest, yeah, drawbacks of freedom.
    Just wondering why more people aren't protesting the white power trip?
  4. susiedriver

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    That's exactly what got me in hot water around here, asking if anyone, other than myself, was deeply offended by therodog's avatar.

    I think maybe three people are, though by actual count, I can recall only one poster stating that it offended them as well.

    BTW, he used the stormfront.og logo first, then changed it to a SEAL logo, which I mistook for an NRA logo, and has changed it back to stormfront. He will change it again, once it gets too warm for him.

    His name is Darren, and he's in Springfield, MA. He is full time inside help, and has suggested a boycott against UPS for not allowing his cache on company property.

    FWIW, most people here that have bothered to express an opinion think there is nothing wrong with his motto. They find it no more offensive than a "Black Pride" slogan.

    In my experience here, at BrownCafe, I have found an overwhelming number of posters prefer not to be confused with facts,

    Good Luck,


    PS---He seems to have a 'card blanche' here, pun intended.
  5. gman

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    Brown Pride!
  6. moreluck

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    =):-)= Abraham Lincoln
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    Sorry, I'm not against the 'right to bear arms' but when the message turns militant and is crossed up with 'white power.' and someone wanting to bring their cache to work.......It does start to reek of Timothy McVeigh, does anyone remember that guy, terrorist? don't know. I guess it's the whacked out world were living in. Makes me feel a little better about the metal-detectors we all gotta walk through at my hub on the way in to work. And it sucks to have to do that at all.

    And I'm willing to give 'therodog' the benefit of the doubt, suppose he's just flexing his 'first amendment rights' muscle with the white power deal, maybe in some twisted way he thinks it's funny. I have a good sense of humor, or so I have been told, and there is nothing funny about white power. That's why he might want to watch it at work,somebodys probably watching him, or may even want to have a talk with him about it.
    I guess as long as he's not being a 'racist' at work theres no harm done there.
  8. wily_old_vet

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    Susie-Maybe it's that people don't agree with your version of reality. Of course I'm uninformed for someone on the internet and Dannyboy is closeminded. Thank God we have you to keep us all well informed.
  9. over9five

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    Why is it that White Pride is rascist, but Black Pride is totally acceptable?

    I am proud that I am White too.

    Also, I have not seen a rascist post from Therodog, have you?

    Why do you say he used a Navy Seal avatar falsely? Is it only legal to use if you are a seal? I assume he has a deep respect for Navy Seals.
    Dannyboy has an avatar of a bug. Is this illegal too because he isn't a bug?

    I also recall he only wanted to keep his "cache" in his car, not carry in the building.

    "then I'd say he better watch his step at work"

    Are you threatening him? I'd say your the one whos causing problems here. UPS has a zero tolerance policy against violence, Plisken. I hope management knows who you are, because I'd feel unsafe working near a violent person like you.
  10. dannyboy

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    So small of you to scream you are offended, yet when you posted an offensive post, you claimed it was just a joke.

    The day you post your appology for your offensive statement on the Iraqis, I will register my thoughts on Thero. But until then you are just the same as he. Same cut of cloth, you just hide it better, or at least seem to.

    So, what is it going to be?

  11. pd109

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    I have to say something about the rest of us not saying anything about the possible racist comments made by a few people here.I can`t speak for everyone but I really believe that all men are equal,and this thread has turned into a brown cafe`race riot.I believe in free speech,so carry on arguing,but this thread is wearing thin on me.
  12. plisken

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    I'm going to put my last two cents in here. over9five, I never said 'black pride' or black power is totally acceptable, in fact, I am not down with any terrorist/fascist/hate mongering organization.
    And, no, I didn't ever threaten any violence on 'therodog' I did make a dare about sporting that white pride shirt in public somewhere just to make a point of the absurdity of the whole thing.
    So like I said, 'therodog' can and will do whatever he wants thats fine. If he put the white pride deal up to ruffle feathers, congrats to him it worked.
    Would it make any difference if he sported a swastika, or ss,'black power' or some kind of hamas/terrorist symbol? Would anybody care? My point isnt that he's doing it, but why? Its his right to do his thing and our right to disagree.
    And yes this thread is worn out.
    So, yeah, I think I'll go and tell my managers tomorrow that if I see someone sporting a 'white power' or any power t'shirt at work, that I'm not gonna be happy about it. That way they will know where I stand.
    And no that wasn't a violent threat.
    Remember kiddies....."hold your tongues."
  13. susiedriver

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    Dear danny the dog killer, aka 'vigilante dan',

    Please enlighten us all with exactly what racist statement I made about Iraqis, and in what context.

    Then put your head back in the sand.
  14. dannyboy

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    You poor angry woman!

  15. wily_old_vet

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    Susie-It was on Aug 21 in the guns and ups thread. You said "And suitcase bombs, I coulda bought one at the Iraqi fleamarket in Dearborn, cheap too." But of course when Danny called you on it you claimed it was a joke. And of course now you "can't remember". Truly sad.

    PD109-If you consider this a race riot you have lived a sheltered life.

    Plisken-I agree with your original premise that the board lately seems devoid of UPS items and has become bogged down in politics. Maybe discussions of PAS, Sporh, BASIC can come to the forefront once again.
  16. susiedriver

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    I remember full well what I said, and in what context.

    In reply to danny's line of crap:
    I replied thusly:
    Now tell me exactly how that equates to racism?
  17. wily_old_vet

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    susie-since looking for youg, arabic men at the airport is profiling (thus racist) it follows logically that your targeting Iraqi fleamarkets as a source of suitcase bombs certainly qualifies for the same thing.I suppose that checking the shoes of your grandmother makes sense to you while the young arabic guy in line behind her gets no check. Just a different philosophy of life and your's scares the hell out of me
  18. therodog

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    Suzi, there is something wrong with you, like Danny said "You poor angry woman! ".The whole idea behind the gun issue was for conversation, and you blew it out of proportion, as usual?. I dont want to bring a gun into work you jacksas, just store it in my car. Its about companies fireing employees for it, and there a new law coming out that will let people regardless of their policy. So far 'over9five is the only one on the board that has brain in here that understands what im saying. I AM NOT A SEAL, i have respect for them and love the teamwork they have together, and wish it was like that at my job again. I have a friend in Seal Team 4 in VA, and he gets a kick out of my icon. First off, Seals dont advertise their seals. As far as the 'icons' i put them there just to annoy you, which i guess is working. The funny thing is im not racist at all, i just no where to get info to annoy you. (we search? duh) Hey PLISKEN, my picture with me and the guns was on my SETI profile, and SHE posted it, not me, she likes to post personal information on people without their consent, but i guess she doesn't think too good, even after she was told its a wrong. SUZIZOO, this is the second time ive asked you to not post personal info on people, it will piss people off. Also, im not affiliated with stormfront.org, but, i am with http://www.lexisnexis.com/ so if you keep posting personal info on me, or other people, maybe someone should about you? Read my profile again ok?
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    You people have way too much free time! Get a life!!
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    get an account, supervisor (NJ-Mirage)

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