What's the difference between TCD and fulltime cover driver

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    ??? I have no idea.. thanks in advance.
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    One is TCD ( part time with no guarantee to drive every day) FT cover driver ( FT driver that doesn't have a bid route but guaranteed 8 hrs of drive time, as long as they have routes available and no pt cover drivers are working; layoffs in seniority order)
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    If im a TCD and I don't drive that day, can I still work in the hub ?
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    Don't be confused with seasonal drivers however, which are not able to work in the hub over part time employees, whether drivers or not. Season drivers are just here for peak, afterwards they can apply as a FT/PT position and start from the bottom.
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    I'm in the western region and we call them utility drivers. Pay is 25 something an hour I think.

    Basically it's a part timer doing extra work or covering for sick/injury/ect...
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