What's this job called?

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  1. hondo

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    :confused: Twilight shift in a hub w/several centers. Part-timers receive high value pkgs from P/C when they return @ night (before they go to metro unload). They're yard certified to get pkgs from P/C, enter info into computer like a data clerk, wrap in distinctive red/white bag or apply candy cane stripe tape, cart these to correct outbound ULD like an irreg. drvr, making sure they're scanned/loaded and making note of where they are in load (i.e. in a feeder @ 75%). But supposedly they don't get sort pay because computer generates a sheet with tracking #/barcode with outbound dest. on it.:confused:1
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    High risk program - packages controlled based on value of shipment. Non union clerical - union for progressing the pacakges
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    Sounds like easy work to me, usually combined with ADG clerk that is a union job. Usually finishes in the small sort for their 3.5 hours. This happens in the extended single center buildings!