when am i in the union??

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by otkeeper, Feb 7, 2012.

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    i am a preloader that started around september 20 of this past year. i believe i was told that it is 30 days to be a member of the union but i know there is a seniority freeze around the holidays. i haven't received any thing from the union yet and was wondering when i would actually be a member of the union ( i have been getting dues taking out of my check i believe monthly).

    a follow up question is about sick/vacation time. since i started at the end of september am i eligible to take a week of vacation between september and december of this year? or do i have to wait until the next calendar year.
    thanks to anyone who can help me out.
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    If they are taking dues out I'm pretty sure you are in. Not 100%. With vacations I think you have to wait for the next calendar year for a paid vacation.
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    If you are paying dues you are a member. You do not get any vacation for the first year.


    You dont get a paid vacation until after your first year as the others have said, however if you have ample staffing and ask with enough time they make work with you and allow you to take some time off. I did that for my staff when i was pt sup. as long as i had enough employees and any of them needed time off, i would give it to them if feasable at the time requested.
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    When management thinks you're a lying cheating stealing scum bag you have made the union. Congratulations
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    You must get 30 days in a 90 day period. That is 90 calender days, so depending on the 90 days there are only about 60 or so actual working days to get your 30 days in. If you have 29 in on November 1st you are sol till after the 1st of the year. Fear not, the 1st day you work in January you can go back 90 days and now use those days in Nov and Dec. to count towards your 30. Don't quote me, but I think once you work in January you can go all the way back to Sept 20th to establish your senority date.

    What ever, Get with the union hall and ask how they determine senority and your date. You only get so many chances to challenge your date, so find out when and where it gets posted and check to see if its the same date you and the union came up with.
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    You have union initiation dues of $300.00 (or close to that figure) that must be paid in full and also be current on your monthly union dues before you're considered to be a Teamster in good standing. Here in California, UPS took out 25.00 a week from my checks from when I was hired until my initiation fees were paid...they also automatically deduct our monthly dues from our checks. Took me three months until I was a Teamster...then the benefits kicked in. This was in 1999. I'm not sure on your other questions, but contact your local union office...ask a co-worker your local #. I'm local 315.