When the Left Was Right!

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    I originally learned of this piece by Dylan Hales over at Taki's magazine in "the Sniper's Tower" section and it was bolstered IMO with an earlier interview I saw of Carl Olgesby who spoke about those early days of SDS and the Panthers. It was very clear to me listening to Carl that both efforts were about de-centralization and localism and gaining local control. BTW: Listening to Carl, he said so little of Bill Ayers as he was maybe a hanger on instead of some leader. Now Ayers wife was another matter and Carl wasn't to kind there becaue of the violence itself. Carl believed in the non-violent approach and still does. Another believer in the FREE market.

    It's sad that localist (limited gov't) whites were so blinded by their Statist racism and false patriotism to completely miss the greater message being sent. Now that so many for example fight to eliminate the federal Dept. of Education and return schools to local control, had they sat down and listened to those early Panthers, the fight today might not even be happening and American education might be the better for it!

    It truth, we all want to breath free air!

    Hat off to Dylan for posting that at the paleo Taki's where even to my surprise he's not been attacked for it. It also goes right along with a larger discussion taking place across the anarcho-libertarian perspective on this same subject.
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    In principle there are some things I agree. For example,

    I agree with that and in fact most people in some manner believe that as well. Generally stated, that is the non-aggression axiom but in the very next question, the LP of Canada turn right around and walk over that very principle from which they started.

    Many people might agree with this above and towards an end I would too in my own life (you have to pass the 1 mile mark before you get to the 5 mile destination thinking) but look again at the first statement above. The belief is that YOU choose your own system and ways of liberty and living life as long as it doesn't impact on others who choose otherwise. What if I and others go together and form a majority and voting we obtain control of gov't and then reduce it down on our ideals but your ideals wanted that gov't. In our zealous fight to obtain our liberty, we in fact denied you, your idea of liberty. You in turn will then mount a campiagn to restore your rights as you see fit and in both our cases, there are always persons of fraud who only seek their own power and granduer who wait to use our zeal to lead us to our (their) glory.

    Generally speaking, these folks are called politicians and they too have their silent partners of various power seekers, corporations and other varying special interests, all vying to obtain their liberty. Ever notice how we fight and fight in society in this political tug of war and no matter how hard anyone tries, nothing good ever comes about for the average folk out there. But the political, the ruling the class if you will, why do they always prosper no matter which side is in power?

    Violence begets violence and we loose in the deal. Look at us now as we fight like dogs over gov't just in the hopes of protecting our own self interests and there's nothing wrong with that. It's a mechanism of self preservation that is a human quality. Why should I dictate how you live but the flipside is also equally true. We fight but are we gaining a thing?

    You asked! JMHO.
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    When was 'anarcho-libertarianism' right?

    Do you really believe in abolishing law?
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    As to the first question, it never was! To simplify the matter I'll let avowed "Left-Libertarian" Roderick Long, professor philosophy at Auburn as well as close associate to both the Mises and LewRockwell bunch answer that very good question. I would think the second question would also be answered in due course.

    The lecture is also on Youtube as well

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    53 mins and 42 seconds......I don't think so!
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    Can you post the Cliff Notes version?
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    Go to the word answer and you can read the speech or pretend to speed read in cliff notes fashion.

    In your case Moreluck, here's something more to your intelligence level.

    Oh I'm sorry to have linked to something too complex, here's the correct link!

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    The G-men better pick it up in the 2nd half....
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    ...at this pace it may be 34-31 at the half.:happy2: