Where does this leave the UPS/NASCAR relationship?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Dutch Dawg, Oct 13, 2007.

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    With DJ announcing a probable 6 race schedule for 2008. Where does that leave UPS sponsorship with MWR? I caught a bit of tonight's race and noticed a small UPS brand logo on the other two MWR cars. Is that the future of UPS sponsorship in NASCAR?

    I ask because I'm seeing less of any UPS advertising anywhere I go in the states lately and wondering if they are tightening the budget or perhaps shifting those dollars to other parts of the world?
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    I just read tonight that after the first five races of next year, David Ruetimann will take over as the driver of the 44 with UPS still being the sponsor. The ironic thing is that Ruetimann was a UPS helper for 3 peaks back in the early 90's so we should get some decent commercials from him. I only hope is that he out performs Denny Hamlin in the FedEx car.

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    I heard a few months ago that DJ was going to retire and UPS was going to sponser Greg Biffle. Who knows, UPS should have gone after Dale Jr that way they could keep all the advertising " GO DALE GO":thumbup1:
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    I don't know where UPS is going with NASCAR but I usually see alot of UPS advertising On Sunday night football on NBC
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    David Reutimann will be a nice fit for UPS. David is currently 2nd in the points standing in the BUSCH series this year with four (4) top 5 and eleven (11) top 10 finishes respectively. It will be nice to have a younger driver who has yet to reach his peak, versus an older driver who has already past his...

    FYI - FedEx's Denny Hamlin is 12th in BUSCH standings.