which is worse Saturday trips or ORION?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by DiadTrainer, May 11, 2019.

  1. DiadTrainer

    DiadTrainer Member

    Saturdays by a mile!!

    reading all the comments of Vets complaining about not getting their proper OT. come bump me off these Saturdays then. I bet you'll shut the hell up! come get that 6th punch time and a half $ PLEASE

    it feels like UPS is a starter company with these blended, mixed, makeshift, multi left turn, the next stop is behind me, house on a 4way corner, all day at intersections, 8mins until the next stop, figure the 8 commercial stops out, travel the octagon condo complex routes with or without RDO smh
  2. GenericUsername

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    Why even bother figuring out the commercial stops? It's not your problem to solve their dispatch. Nearly every Saturday I have a missed business because they can't figure things out for themselves. Hell, today we were told to find our normal Saturday air and make sure it was delivered by 1330. Our steward said to just run Orion 100% til 1330 and nothing they can do. Good thing too as I had over 100 stops with 1330 commits. I don't have time to dig through 120 boxes of flowers and berries.

    But on topic, Saturdays are worse than a normal route during the week.
  3. Netsua 3:16

    Netsua 3:16 Stop being a little bitch

    I feel it brothers. Had a helluva day today, 3 businesses missed; in my board as the last 3 stops of the day on an 11 hour plan, on the 8000 shelf. Never been in that area. We shouldn't even be doing commercial on Saturdays, such a waste of company time. Also had 3 NDA for the post office which is closed on Saturday. Hilarious stuff, sometimes I feel like I'm driving a clown car in circles with the "do do do do do do do" crazy music playing.
    I've just accepted Saturdays for what they are; easy on the body, good for the wallet.
  4. Netsua 3:16

    Netsua 3:16 Stop being a little bitch

    Over 100 air stops? Good lord. Who thought that was a good idea?
  5. GenericUsername

    GenericUsername Active Member

    Center manager dispatched today.... Most of the packages were flowers/berries, but there were a good dozen or so regular air in there as well. I think I got maybe 5 of them off in time? I don't really recall as it doesn't matter/affect my day at all. Once 1330 hit, I just started knocking out neighborhoods and worked my way to the end of the route. I finished with 150ish stops done and gave away 20 something earlier in the day.

    To add to the perfection that was my dispatch, my entire 1k/5k FL2/FL4 were flowers/berries. It was truly a sight to behold as I've never seen that many before. I ended up telling the loader just to write on the outside of the front of the box and stack it up as I'd just find it in my travels. It kind of felt like a peak day to be honest as nothing was really in any order.
  6. Netsua 3:16

    Netsua 3:16 Stop being a little bitch

    Saturdays are a lot like peak. There is not a damn thing you can do about the fact that you're screwed. I've tried every little save time trick we have, it doesn't matter. Nowadays I just listen to sports radio/games all day and cruise, walk slower, less pep in my step. It's the only way to deal with the stupidity. You just go into "peak mode". I turn my brain off other than driving safely; "just get to the next stop"
  7. 1989

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    I remember my first Saturday. Harry Potter day. The half dozen times after is all a blur.
  8. GenericUsername

    GenericUsername Active Member

    Mine is "just follow the GPS and back into every driveway possible."
  9. Bob11B

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    You nailed it...first Saturday I worked in a year and what a hot mess....I had 3 late airs but had me running savers before Saturday airs and everything in the board had a 1330 commit...i wasn't too concerned though, don't think they were either. Air was late, tourist season, college graduation... and a TON of air, of course air wouldn't meet "commit" times.
  10. WTFm8

    WTFm8 Active Member

    Well my timecard on UPSers doesn’t show a time card for yesterday... should be interesting on Monday if it’s still not showing.
  11. Re-Raise

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    You don’t get paid for Saturdays until the end of the quarter.
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  12. Brown Biscuit

    Brown Biscuit Blind every day

    I did Saturdays for a year before gaining enough seniority to move back to m-f. Do NOT miss the sh^t show that you have to deal with.

    Then again...Mondays are pretty bad too.
  13. WTFm8

    WTFm8 Active Member

    Interesting LOL.

    Been forced 6th punch for a year straight now... pretty sure you’re wrong.
  14. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    Eh, lemme fix his quote for ya...

  15. Heavy Package

    Heavy Package Active Member

    Saw UPS trucks yesterday out past 7pm. LOL! Texted my Tues-Sat driver buddy and he said it was a s*** show up the yin-yang. 100+ air stops mostly berries and flowers and just a hot mess. Center Manager called him to go help someone after 5pm and he was already home. Complete circus.
  16. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    Yeah,I thot FedEx lost that account.


    Express and Home Delivery were at the same house this Saturday... we both shrugged our shoulders and went on with our day.

    Granted, I only had about 30 perishables out of my 100 for the Saturday. Last year it would've been the other way.
  17. what are you guys whining about? Saturday is the best day to deliver. No traffic, no congested roads. Everyone is asleep until 1300. It's an easy overtime day. Enjoy it while it lasts. Follow EDD 100% or ORION 100% and let the supervisor figure it all out.
  18. DiadTrainer

    DiadTrainer Member

    you're right
  19. Staydryitsraining

    Staydryitsraining Active Member

    Hahaha. Why are any of you all complaining about missed businesses? Run Orion clock out. Go in office with the steward, say you followed orion. Walk out of office.
  20. Same. Half the time they ask me I show up not really being needed and end up just doing some random easy junk for three or four hours.