Who do I talk to to change shifts?(please stay On Topic)

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  1. I will be going back to school full time and I really want to become a driver so I will also be keeping this job.

    Who do I talk to to change shifts? I want to work the shift that's around the evening time until 11pm I think? Twilight? So I can go to school, straight to work, get everything done and sleep instead of doing what I'm currently doing now, taking power naps thru out the day.

    Please help
  2. DumbTruckDriver

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    I'm just guessing here, but maybe ask a supervisor...
  3. My supervisor is a potato. everytime I ask him something, he refers me to ask other loaders.
  4. PT Car Washer

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    You could ask your FT sort manager but he may not want to lose you. Ask a Union steward or better a Union business agent at the hall. Changing shifts is addressed in the contract.
  5. if my FT manager says no, am I bascially screwed? Because I know he won't let me go, sups in my building fight over who gets me on their slide
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    If your building is large enough to have a HR person, also tell them.

    If they tell you no, or nothing happens, you file a grievance. I guarantee it's a winning grievance at panel, so most likely the company will fight it right up until just before the next grievance panel meeting.

    BTW, you will probably lose $1/hr in payrate, and work less hours on the Twilight/local sort/reload/whatever-they-call-it-where-you-are.
  7. I have a HR person in my building, I've emailed her 2 hours ago. Do you know if usually I need both HR and FT manager's permission? And usually is the shift change instant? Like for example: 4/20 im preload, 4/21 im twlight? Or do I need to wait X amount of days/weeks

    Edit: who has more say? HR or my FT manager?
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    It wouldn't be instantaneous like that. There has to be an opening on the other shift, and/or a 'training' supe available. If they recently hired a bunch of people, you would have to wait for someone to quit.

    "Who has more say?" I'm guessing your FT manager has more say than whatever low-level HR person you have access to, however the Labor manager has the most say (if/when it goes through the grievance process).
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    Going to your steward is definitely the fastest way to get moved. It took me 3 months to move shifts after I put my name on the list. After 2 months I talked to my steward, and boom. Midnight to preload. Where I am, you do need at least 6 months with the company before you can change shifts though.

    I don't think HR can help you too much. Around here, the HR guy just puts the list in seniority order, and then distributes it to the sort managers.
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    HR works for the company and not for the Union members.