Who Is Benjamin Benacke?


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I know a new Federal Reserve Chairman isn't as colorful and politically appealing as say an administrative official or court nominee but he does/will direct monetary policy that could effect our lives moreso than a number of court cases like the "overturning of Row V Wade or the 2nd amendment being thrown to the 4 winds completely" scares out there or some policy decision of an administration wank(er) (sorry, couldn't resist).

Here's is a speech our Fed Reserve Chair nominee gave a few years ago when a Fed Gov. on Inflation/Deflation. Just thought I'd post it in case someone was interest on what his past thought were on monetary policy.



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Well, in spite of being described as a 'liberatarian Republican', we can safely assume that he's not from the Misean(sp?) school.

He does seem to be remarkably qualified for a Bush appointee, and very well respected in his field (again remarkable, considering). He seems to want to avoid deflation at all costs, which a libertarian wouldn't welcome, I suppose.

I don't agree that he will affect our lives more than a Supreme Court Justice. One can insulate themselves against monetary upheaval, to a certain extent, since those upheavals are cylclical in nature. An erosion of freedoms, or a bastardization of laws can last a long time.


Not only that but he is able to clearly express himself and his opinions without having to post a link to someone elses thoughts and opinions. :D

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