Who is running the show down in Atlanta?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by dannyboy, Aug 15, 2005.

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    irony: good post.
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    I know I did a lot for growing the business when I had a half hour of driver marketing. Now I know its just another .50 if I try to help anyone. I cant do it. I dont keep a log of when I help a customer which is what I was told to do.
    Until they show me that if I grow the business, I will get relief if Im over loaded, Ill let someone else have it.
    Give me the flexibility to get rid of the time I spend with a customer that the AE's should be getting, which they probaly are not getting either, then I will help again. Til then I guess we will lose the business that we could be getting. Cause I cant do anymore in their 9.5+ plan.
    It should be labeled the "show down" in Atlanta, instead of the "show, down in Atlanta"

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    When you are always looking for the big fish, you often go home empty handed, while the guy who was just fishing has his sack full.
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    .....the second mouse gets the cheese.
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    ...the early worm catches the bird...
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    No, wait..
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    tooner: "Until they show me that if I grow the business, I will get relief if Im over loaded, Ill let someone else have it."

    Guess who will be out of a job if we have that attitude? Dispatch has, and probably always will be, an issue. Don't lose business over it!
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    So what your saying is for him to go get more business that our account execs WONT take care of so they can leave, give us another black eye, and more customers go with them. Give me a damn break. I have my responsibilities, and others in this company have thiers. Its time they pulled thier own weight. IMO.
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    "I have my responsibilities, and others in this company have thiers."

    I too am sorry you feel that way. I am sure the customers appriciate that also.

    For my customers, I am UPS. Many of them have never seen any person from UPS unless it is a driver. So I guess your method of running a business is telling them tough sh($, you got a problem, call someone else, I dont care?

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    speed: My point to Tooner was that she can't turn her back on a sales lead just because of dispatch.

    I've been around UPS for a long time. I've been listening to people complaining about dispatch for a long time. I'm glad to hear those complaints, and by growing the business we can hear MORE drivers complain.

    If we do what Tooner has suggested - let somebody else have it - there will still be dispatch problems, just with fewer drivers.
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    Sorry, Proups I agree somewhat with what you say, but I know I cannot take on anymore pick ups and thats Gods truth. I got a large account that is suppose to be feeder pick up, it was for a while, now they send a feeder mid afternoon, and I do clean up, which is about 20-30 Over 70's. They are suppose to leave a trailer there, if I cant get it all in now, they try to send other drivers to cover it. The shipping dept leaves at 430, I get there at 420, Its too late to call for help, they dont have it all done til then. Once in a while they send me a message asking me to make the whole pick up. Or "how many do you think they will have ready", like now I am psychic too!!!! It is a very small window of service, but we have to make it. I have tried to talk to someone, so we dont lose them, no one listens. I am all for growing the business, but until they work with us, we will just grow it to lose it. I do my best to service all my customers, I dont downgrade UPS, but from where you sit maybe you dont see what is truly going on, on the road. Or maybe you do and you fix problems. I dont know, but I am not the person who will lose accounts, I will just not be able to get any more until I am given flexibility to serve them.
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    the problem in our building is our sales reps promise everybody a 4:30-5 p/u. And now they are promising deliveries by 10:30 just to get the business. When you ask how to get your air off and a bulk delivery too, they just laugh and tell you "You can do it. It will be fine." And when you get to the delivery they promised after 11, they call Atlanta and the driver gets the blame. But nobody does anything about it. We get threatened with disaplinary action and told it better not happen again. Well DUH. It's going to happen again until the customer gets fed up and leaves. And you know why drivers where brown? Because the shi+ rolls downhill and they don't want it to show on our uniforms. It's the drivers fault.

    How long do you think it's going to take for them to say "Helloooo FedEX." If they want to make promises, they need to make adjustments to the dispatch. But as sales reps, thats not their jurisdiction and quite frankly, once they get their sales credit, they don't give a hoot.
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    I've got a solution for you two: the next time you see your Division Manager or Sales Manager from BD (not the AE), tell them the problems you are having with those accounts and see what happens.

    Works for me.....
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    You work for a different UPS than I do proups. I'm glad they get things changed for you. Never happens here at my center. All we get is reasons why it cant be done, but we are still expected to make it all happen.
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    speed: who have you talked to about your problems?
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    Time to quit Danny Boy you complain to much, I think you should appreicate....
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    Danny, I see you have a new groupie!
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    Guess who will be out of a job if we have that attitude? Dispatch has, and probably always will be, an issue. Don't lose business over it! dood we are loosing busines i.e. jobs because of dispatch already! get the dispatch fixed, then we can grow.
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    Norman Black farts you worth each day Danny Boy. You only bitch and moan on this board he speaks for our company, something you do not have the guts to do or you would be in his shoes or working towards his job. But it is easier to hide in the shadows
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    "get the dispatch fixed, then we can grow"