Who Sez Pelosi is AntiWar and Against War with Iran?


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All you need do is put the ole' girl in the right surroundings and she completely speaks her mind.


Let's see, Hillary sez "nuke em'" and Nancy declares "nothing is off the table". Could you folks on both the left and right have it completely wrong about these ole' gals?

Word is, these 2 ladies were last seen chugging beers with McCain and singing "What a Friend we have in Haa-Geeeeeee!" (to the tune of what a friend we have in Jesus)

Don't fret Obamaites. I'm sure your man will come to Jes....uh Hagee soon and he'll be singing the right song as well!

Truth is, none of these guys are opposed to current US policy, they only complain because they don't want the other party to get the credit. The 2 parties are a sham!