Who Stands to Benefit Now that the Postal Service Can't Deliver?

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    Who Stands to Benefit Now that the Postal Service Can't Deliver? - Motley Fool

    The Postal Service provides a variety of services. Obviously, it delivers the mail and packages. But it also provides banking functions through money orders and international wiring services. The Postal Service also sells a variety of business supplies.

    Benefiting the most, both directly and indirectly, will be global shippers Fed-Ex and United Parcel Service. While FedEd already operates with the Postal Service on a limited basis, the loss in confidence, reduced hours and fewer locations will send more business directly to Fed-Ex. The same applies for United Parcel Servce, too.

    Other than direct mail service, both FedEx and United Parcel Service have office operation facilities that can perform many of the functions of the local post office. FedEx Office assimilated the Kinko's chain into its network for that purpose. At present, there are now more than 1900 FedEx Office locations. There are also UPS stores nationwide and 40,000 UPS drop boxes to provide services where the Postal Service falls short.