Why is my grievance taking so long

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by xzavier88, Mar 21, 2012.

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    I filed a grievance 1/ 7/2012 about a supervisor working{along side me in the sort isle} I've talked to shop stewards an union people but it seems like know one wants to meet with whom ever they need to meet with to get this problem solved since then I have written up three more{on the same problem} am I just wasting my time?
    i call the union office at least three times a week if not more and they keep giving me the run around
    Charlotte NC UPS hub 5Years seniority.
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    The union is in bed with management, a deal was made to help another union person, you are a part timer and no one really cares.....take your pick......yes you are wasting your time and do not be too surprised wen they start coming after you for missorts, production etc.
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    There is a system in which the grievance process takess place that can take a short amount of time or longer . Dont be discouraged , it shouldnt take as long as it does . Look at this way , just forget about it , and continue filing and documenting infractions as specifically as possible . Disregard the previous comment above mine , you cant ever tell who is having a bad day and who is a member of management on Browncafe , wh could be trying to discourage you from believing in the union .
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    Hold on to your copy of each grievence and every so often show them and remind them u have filed.
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    I doubt they're giving you the "run around" and suspect they're giving you information you don't want to hear. Be patient, you're not out anything. If UPS was properly staffed, another hourly employee would be eating up those hours and you'd have no opportunity to grieve. The fact is UPS is short staffed everywhere and the only way to address that is through the grievance procedure. A two month old grievance is not an overly excessive amount of time for settlement, especially in a local that has limited staff because of representational limiting RTW laws. UPS Labor managers routinely delay hearings as they understand it frustrates hourlies into not filing. Your local reps also prioritize discharge cases. Keep good records and keep filing. We've seen huge sup working awards in our local. Don't give up.
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    lol honestly its a waste of time.. dont believe me? come back if you ever get that resolved.. after the labor manager tosses your grievance in the trash let me know if you got a penny more and if your sup is still working.=] good luck with that.
  7. Inthegame

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    Labor managers that toss grievances into the trash are labor managers that don't last long as they get eaten alive by even average business reps. Sup working grievances are routinely paid before panels. Go memorize your policy book.
  8. anonymous4

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    Jace doesn't know how to read.
  9. iamhuge

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    Keep filing. 20 grievances will open more eyes 1.
  10. oldmetrony

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    Yes, it will open more eyes and unless you are picture perfect every single day, which no one ever is, you will paint a target on your back and they will get you for something sooner or later ..that is the real world.
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    Dont ever disregard the reality of it all, management will say it was "needs of the business" , the grievance will be denied and that part timer will be looked at for every little thing he or she does wrong....wake up to the real world.
  12. Inthegame

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    So that's your answer, cower in the corner and never stand for anything? With that attitude, we get nowhere fast. Thank your lucky stars people with some stones came before you and allowed you to enjoy protections from a contract that don't force everyone to be "picture perfect".
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    Keep filing and be patient. It can take the rest of the year but sooner or later they will settle and by then you might have gotten another raise, remedy sought: double time and the hiring of more pt'S. Keep ur head up
  14. iamhuge

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    If your scared, dont do it then. Doesnt seem like the poster is scared.
  15. dilligaf

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    With reply's like this one and others, it's no wonder hourlies can't accomplish anything with disputes with management.

    OP - Like Gorilla said, it takes time. Don't give up. When you give up you become jaded and start giving lousy answers like the one above. It is true that some grievances get shiat canned for the movement of other grievances but it usually is not a pay grievance. Keep filing the sup's working. Eventually it will get noticed and taken care of. I have one sup that seems to think that I need help bulking out my truck in the morning. He asks all the time if I need help. I tell him, "Sure, if you want a grievance." He walks away.
  16. jace1319

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    This is so pathetic. I cant even begin to recall the numerous times i heard union workers talk about "keep filing" it will make a change blh blh blh blh blh.. yet.. there's no change at all..and Of course this is a big concern to the union but apparently not even grievances is going to stop this. What a big understatement this is. that's like saying the more police are on patrol the crime is going to completely stop. its not.

    Face it, there will and always will be a supervisor working REGARDLESS!!!!! And just because its on paper doesn't mean that everyone goes accordingly. There's a lot of things in a policy or union book that give specific rules to a certain situation... But do we follow them? of course not. Their meant to be broken. So just face reality if you going to grieve by all means do so but dont expect to get a penny out of it every time you file because it will not happen and for the most part they have to investigate the grievance not just say oh yea the supervisor was working we will take your word for it.. It just doesn't work that way whether its written or not.

    P.s- I see people in here live in a fantasy world. Wake UP its reality and you will not always get what you want.. GROW UP!
  17. jace1319

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    Maybe he was just being polite.. not every sup is out to get you. and not every sup is concern about making numbers.. he's an employee just like you. whether you think he's taking "your money" like really 2 or 3 minutes does it really matter? If that's how you feel then apparently your money hungry ...and apparently you need another job if that's your mind set. Some union workers wants the cake and eat it 2. You can tell me oh " 2-3 minutes" adds up... really ? ok what about when employees take personal break for ex. Getting some coffee or smoking a cigg. etc. That adds up to but you dont see a management person saying hey that's 2-3 minutes your stealing from the company.
  18. UnsurePost

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    Grievances with big union Teamsters are a waste of time, unless it is very important and urgent, and then it's still usually best to work around the union.
    Our stewards tend to look the other way when management works, unless it is an everyday thing in the same area. Even then the most senior steward gets paid (no matter who files) and management usually obliges/ has no problem paying as they admit to performing the work-and the stewards threw all of the other grievances away, which makes everything seem "rosy"
    Better off fighting your own battles, honestly.
  19. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    Are you crazy, lower management and petty sups like you are constantly whining about employees "stealing time". I don't know where you work, but it is most likely not UPS, or one that most of us know.
  20. Inthegame

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    Sleeve, we've had this discussion before and I feel for you but the practices you speak of are not the norm. In sup working grievances the "aggrieved" employee gets paid first, then if no aggrieved employee can be identified the grievant gets paid, not the steward unless they are the grievant which could be the case if no one else files. This is National language everyone is under and if your local is not following this practice write to hall. Locals have a right to not process grievances but they must show good cause or face serious charges. Grievances aren't thrown away.