Why was my thread about Kaiser moved?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by dqs95124, May 25, 2013.

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    I posted a thread about Kaiser. I'm in the west. if this TA passes, nobody knows what will happen w/ Kaiser? will it be an option? Not even our BA's know.. so my thread got moved. why??
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    What is Kaiser. Some kind of roll?
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    It appears that one of my cohorts merged it into another thread about healthcare providers.
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    Did you mean Keyser Söze? I thought that was Verbal Kint?
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    where did you hear this? I've been a Kaiser patient almost my entire life.
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    Er, thrive!
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    they say Kaiser should stay the same. But what about my co-pay? they say it should stay the same. no # nothing in writing. It's only me, so I can handle a 40/50$ copay for visits. Meds. I think I used once last year. 5$ So 40/50$ would not affect me. But for a family. Heck what would that cost. How am i supposed to vote w/ no info? My son was born there 23 years ago. never had a problem w/Kaiser. At the meeting they handed out the fliers for Team Care, with no mention of Kaiser. When some of us asked, we were told,"it should stay the same" # people in writing.. That's all we are asking for?:sick:
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    Probably because you do not come on here and post on and on about UPS and what a great worker you are and tell everyone how to do their job and stuff like that.
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    Well as usual, I get a sarcastic reply w/ no answers.. Thanks..
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    Where is Keyser Soze????
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    What did you expect? Really
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    Yes, hard to find sincere and honest replies. Humor and comedy have there place, not with serious questions. Sad. 407 has to be UPS Management because a UNION Brother or Sister would definitely help find the correct answer or keep their negative comments to themselves.
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    Maybe if 407 was a Sup. This would be a much better place to work!
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    All kidding aside. By the way this is nothing compared to what I have heard over the years. I wish my Nor-Cal brothers and sisters. who have any info would share. Since we are being told, "It's going to pass. our vote in the west does not count." I always vote. I will be voting no.
    To all the brothers and sisters in the west. Vote. If you don't. you have no right to complain. Talk to yr preloaders, all lot of them have young kids. Or this is their 2nd job for heathcare. I understand when your told," My vote doesn't count. it will pass anyway."People won't vote. don't fall into to that. stand up for why we work so hard, put in the long hrs, break our back everyday. It's not for the lovely management we work w/ everyday. it's for the benifits in the long run. That we have worked like dogs over the years to get.. Peace out..
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    BA told everyone at Union meeting that the Nor Cal Supp. Agreement of contract, nothing would change in our benefit package. We keep our same coverege , no out of pocket for active or retired UPSers.
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    What meeting were you at? Not mine. We were told if you retire at say 60. no health care untill medicare at 65.Look at Art 34. section 1 (d) (e) and (f). It will not stay the same. That's what I read. The pension? I will get some $. This is a wake up call for me. maybe buying into a supplemental health insurance? Bumping up my401K. what options are out there? when your in the middle? What happens if the next pres. repeals Obama care? we are so screwed. It is what is..
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    Just got my ballot. Nice. I'm not freight? i'm f/t pkg. PO box not right. Color not right. But send this in anyway? Is this what we have become?? I want a new envelope.. w/ the correct barcode, po box.. so my, "Secret Ballot Envelope" Will be counted. When it looks like a duck. quacks like a duck. It's a duck.. Shoot it. I like Duck. on my plate. med rare, with a nice sear on the fat side.. real crispy sear..
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Quit being a drama queen----mark your ballot, put it in the "secret" envelope, put that in to the mailing envelope and drop it in a mailbox. The IBT is well aware of the error and your vote will be counted.
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    I think I have the right to be a Drama Queen with this issue. especially from someone who says my vote will be counted. The same person who told the guy if you don't know? vote yes.. I want proof. In ca we have a receipt that comes w/ our absentee ballots. B/C this ballot is the wrong color,w/ the wrong name, wrong PO Box. I'm now going to insist on a new ballot. Thanks upstate, made it very clear to me..