Why Ya'll, gett'in Greedy??



Its ashame, when I read past post, about pt/ft, saying, about ups getting the best of us, We should all be grateful we work for a place like this. I know first hand, that ups is a tough/rough place to work and to deal with the constant bull with management, but I,personaly,try to bite my lip and hold my head up, knowing that this is or can be, for others a very good job, not just a job, for me, but a career...I also believe, we make enough money and the pension is a descent offering. I was happy to hear about the increases of wages for fulltimers for 6yrs. I dont live above my means, but if they are going to pay me more, then fine, I'll take the money....Very happy to be Working at UPS.... 16yrs. feeder driver... PS.. for those insulting few, I was a part timer for 8yrs.......