Wienermobile plates stolen

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by area43, Jul 1, 2007.

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    Sorry, I couldnt get the link to work. Im dumb,LOL The article was in my June 29 paper, If someone could please get the news link on it. My first thought as I read it was wkmac. LMAO, Ok wkmac, fork the "Y-U-M-M-Y"(vanity plate name) plates over. Dont you know that your bicycle dosen't need plates to ride on the highways. Anyhow, you would have a tuff time keeping that front plate attached to your basket. LOL. What next, the tv show "COPS". Your a fugitive, living the life of crime. Just do what right and turn yourself in. Members of the Brown cafe I ask you this. Should we harbor a fugitive and let him keep posting? Your thoughts please? ps I hope I did the article right, it was from the wire,"Weinermobile plates suspected to be stolen",
  2. Sammie

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    Cowboy: Say, why did you buy that dachshund?
    City Guy: I heard someone say,"Get a long, little doggy!"
  3. brazenbrown

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    Hey Mac looks like you're toast unless you'd like to make a deal!!:w00t:

    I say if he doesn't talk we book him and throw away the key..

    You "hot dogger" you!!!:lol::lol::lol:
  4. area43

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    Thanks Sammie, I owe you one. lol
  5. wkmac

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    I bought me a new ride last week while on vacation so I needed the plates for that.
  6. area43

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    Dude!!!!!!! wkmac, lmao that pic, your a :censored2:en nut. Your going to be :censored2: out of luck when your engine gets hot(Im melllllting).


    The Honorable Judge Judy(and you thought her real name was cheryl) is presiding.

    Case #666, The cafe brings forth charges on Wkmac Jr the 3(state his whole name for the record) for grand theft of the wienee plates.

    The Jury, Sammie, Brazenbrown, Big arrow UP, Diesel 96, Geek the freak, and towley. If the vote should go down party lines 3 to 3 then we will have to go to that other GUY for the TIE breaking vote. I hope he's avaliable. ( :

    Each Juror will be given time off work. The pay is 16.37 a day, plus .06 cents per mile.

    Judge Judy(cheryl) speaks, Bring in the accused, Wkmac Jr. the turd,oopps the 3. Red705 and Cole(the union guards) escort him in with leg irons. Wkmac face looks swollen,black eyes and fat lip. I believe the guards beat the :censored2: out him. lol "HEY YOU!(judge speaking) STOP LAUGHING"!!! " Our Ill come over there and beat your ass". " yes, your honor"(in a low voice).

    Judge Judy(cheryl) speaks, "How do you plead Wkmac"? "Innocent" responds Wkmac(In a girly man voice).

    Judge Judy(cheryl) speaks, "Wkmac, Im going to ask you 5 questions and based on your answers, the juror will either find you guilty or innocent. Gury these questions do not have no sexual connotation to them what so ever".(wink wink ( ; )

    1) Do you prefer your weenie IN a bun or do you prefer a weenie in Your bun?

    2)How long do you keep the weenie in your mouth before you swallow?

    3)How many weenies can you choke down in 8 minutes?(world record 59 1/2)

    4)Do you use one hand or two hands to hold your weenie?(twizers dont count)

    5)Do you prefer the big plump juicey weeniers or the long and skinny type of weeniers in your mouth?

    Wkmac answers questions on paper, Red705(guard), gives jury the paper, a recess is called,jury deliberates behind closed doors and court is back in session. sssshhh, quiet in the court room.

    Judge Judy(cheryl) speaks," The jury has made its decision, :censored2:, its a split decision. We will now have to go to the TIE breaker, Where the HELL!! is that GUY"?? Cole(the guard) speaks, "Your honor I believe he's at the local strip bar", "Ill go get him".(tie,you lucky guy ( ; )

    Court is recessed..
  7. upsdude

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    You forgot a key piece of evidence. He was wearing these when arrested……………………….
  8. upsdude

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    I wonder if the Jury had a look at this!
  9. area43

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    Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was excellent. Dude, have you noticed wkmac has ditched the old weinee avatar pic. He sure looks darn guilty to me. Maybe youll see him heading down the 405, like O.J. did. lmao
  10. wkmac

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    It's only ditched for the 4th. It'll come back. Might even bring back the one before that, "Bunghole Liquiors". Yep, there is such a store and I have the pic for proof!
  11. area43

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    Wkmac, I take my hat off to you. I started to second guess if I went to far. It seems you have a great sense of humor. I only pick on those I really like. That even includes that other GUY. Take care, Area 43
  12. wkmac

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    Hey Area,

    You've got to have a sense of humor and besides, what's the point of this whole deal anyway if you can't have a laugh. If anyone for the smallest nano-second thinks anything we say here or post is gonna change the world then I'd suggest a visit to the nearest head doctor is very much in order. I may or may not agree with everything I post but I do enjoy injecting another point of view in the argument but at the end of the day it's all a big bunch of BS.

    In that vain I also generally have rather humorous avatars or at least try to and then I'll add stuff like for location as "Satan's Bedroom" as with many of my posts I'd suspect from time to time that thought has come to mind as to where some here would like to put me!
    :lol: I LOVE IT!!!!! Besides, if I got some calling me liberal and some calling me conservative and some calling me..... uh ...I don't think I can type that :wink: then IMO I've done a good job.

    If you can't have a laugh or share one then geez, what's the point of even being here in the first place? As promised I will put the wiener mobile back up but I also had to include one of my alltime favorite Funny Cars from drag racing leading into the Bristol race this weekend. I'll do my best to provide you with as much comedic cannon fodder as I can so we can all entertain ourselves in this adult Romper Room. Be careful admitting that you know what Romper Room is as you may be dating yourself. Once you get past 50 like myself, you just don't give a :censored2: anymore!

    Be good and keep up the jollies. It's really the best thing about this site anyway.