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    Hey yall . the steward called me friday morn. super has put up the bid and he claims it sucks. My super called me later and said that i was on the will call list. Because of my ten percent standing, i am unscheduled. The contract would be a fair thing if everyone stood by it. It sucks and i feel cheated.
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    Where do you work at? Your problems are a lot different than where I'm at. Our Terminal Manager put up the new bids. Top 90 guaranteed. Bottom 10 had no choice. They are extra board.
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    Don't have the slightest idea of what you are talking about.
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    Well, just exactly what DOES the contract say? Does it say that ten percent are on will call? Are you ten percent? Are you will call?

    Where has the contract failed if that's what it says and that's what's being practiced?

    Please clarify
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    I work in Tyler Texas. There is only one ten percenter and I am it. The old bid had nine routes. he has combined two routes this round basically cutting two jobs. Our contract say that that "Start times will be posted for bid". You cant find the words "WILL CALL" in it. The steward filed fourteen greivances about this but we all know how long that takes.
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    Well don't let it go longer than 6 months! If you do, you loose your right to file NLRB charges against your Local or UPS. NLRB will not deal with any grievance older than 6 months. That tells me the the NLRB thinks 6 months is as long as someone should have to wait on their grievance.