Will i be called for next season

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    last season I worked helping a driver deliver boxes. Will I be called again this December? can I get called before or do I need to apply at a job fair again. please help me figure this out. I want to work more than 1 month, how can I do that.
  2. Don't get your hopes up kid, if we didn't keep you last season, you probably suck, its a tough job. read my earlier thread for more info.
    try retail, good luck

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    don't pay attention to the ass clown above..call the hr dept where you worked before let them know you want to work. the above poster doesn't work for or represent the people at UPS or The Teamsters.
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    is teamster the union they make me pay like 20 in December?
  5. Contact your local Teamsters center. Tell them you paid your union dues in December & they will facilitate the hiring process. If you were one of the FEW who paid union dues on December, it means you are hired with teamsters & they just need to let UPS know. give them a call.

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    First, ignore "Loyal Teamster". He is anything but a loyal teamster and will hopefully be banned soon. Either call the HR Dept., or call the manager at the center you previously worked at and let them know that you are interested in working more than just as a helper. (Do not contact the Teamsters as there is nothing they can do and the fact that you paid some dues has absolutely no bearing.) Once again, ignore "Loyal Teamster".
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    You sound like a Loyal Teamster!
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    Other than the troll posting back and forth with himself under 2 usernames being insane, what he's typing makes no sense at all. Really wish the ignore worked on the mobile app.
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    You really have NO clue how this place works do u?
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    UPS or anything else in the world..