Will UPS and the IBT Blow The RLA Deal?

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    We got a memo today from Dave Bronczek, who heads the Express division. Dated 6-01, it says that the language inserted into the House version of the FAA Reauthorization Act that would change the status of FedEx Express employees is "not in the Senate version of the bill at this time." Perhaps it will be added in the future, but are FedEx lobbying efforts paying off? Where is the language, and when will it be added back into the bill?

    Here's Bronczek's rationale for FedEx keeping it's exemption. "Unlike our competition, we operate an integrated air/ground network and handle air shipments separately in that network". Doesn't UPS do the same thing? The only distinction is that our Express drivers only deliver air shipments. What Dave doesn't mention is that Ground drivers DO handle air shipments, albeit in the form of tractor-trailer loads. During the past several years, Fred has been steadily shifting Express (air) freight away from Express RTD's to Ground IC's.

    Wouldn't that make Bronczek's already shaky reasoning even less sound? I truly hope that UPS and the Teamsters can keep their act together long enough to pull this off. Smith has got his fleet of executive jets working overtime trying to influence the way the Senate will vote on the FAA Act. Stop this *********** in his tracks.
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    From what the Teamsters are telling me, the Senate is still working on it's version of the Faa bill, and will hold hearings on 6-10-09 and 6-17-09. Starting next week there will be a major push around the country to try to rally Fedex Express workers and we can expect to receive more misinformation from management than we probably ever have.So my advice to all Express workers is hold on tight and keep your eye on the ball, cause it's gonna be a bumpy ride.
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    FDX is an airline with trucks, UPS is a trucking company with airplanes. I would post alot of airline stuff here but this forum does not support the airline side of UPS. The FAA Reautho bill is posted on the airupsers site. The big difference is that FDX Pilots are union and get big pay and benefits without having to give back. Ask any FDX aircraft mechanic about their givebacks and you wonder why they are not union. It is had to understand.
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    Our aircraft mechanics have been the most vocal group regarding unions. They're sick of having their work out-sourced to cut-rate FAA repair stations and would overwhelmingly vote for a union IMO.
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    The bottom line is that both UPS and FDX perform the same function. Someone orders something, the company picks up said item and delivers it to the consignee. Both companies provide basically the same service levels. Why, then, should they fall under a different set of operating regulations?

    Anyone with half a brain can see this. Of course, we are talking about the government here. They make money from both sides while the argument continues. Solve the obvious problem and the money goes away.

    I have little faith that the obvious answer will ever be reached. If anything, the solution they come up with will be more complicated than the present situation. JMO
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    Re: your....

    "The bottom line is that both UPS and FDX perform the same function. Someone orders something, the company picks up said item and delivers it to the consignee. Both companies provide basically the same service levels. Why, then, should they fall under a different set of operating regulations?"

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    What if they voted in the union and then found out they were going to get a pay cut. Seriously, I don't have the answer but someone here probably does....what do fdx and ups aircraft mechanics make per hour compared to the rest of the airline industry.
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    Tell Your Senators to Support the Express Carrier Employee Protection Provision

    What Is FedEx So Afraid Of?
    "I’m going to destroy them." That is the threat from FedEx’s chief spokesman, Maury Lane , when asked by U.S. News and World Report about his company’s soon-to-be launched multi-million dollar ad against the Express Carrier Employee Protection provision.

    Lane’s words mean that FedEx Express will stop at nothing to preserve its status as the ONLY freight and package-delivery company in the United States to classify all its workers under the Railway Labor Act. The RLA applies to only aircraft and railroad workers.

    FedEx does not want its special status taken away because they know it would make organizing easier for its workers. This legislation is so important because it will restore fairness to the freight and package delivery industry. This loophole has allowed FedEx to have an unfair competitive advantage and deprive its workers of the right to secure union representation.

    With your help, the House recently voted to pass the FAA Reauthorization Bill and with it came the passage of the Express Carrier provision. Passing this bill shows first hand that hard work and perseverance can pay off. The new administration is on our side, and together we are making changes in Washington to better our Union and the lives of working Americans across the country.

    Thank you for your help in passing this important legislation in the House. Although the Express Carrier Employee Protection provision has passed the House, the Senate has not yet voted on this issue. We must continue our hard work to ensure our voices are heard. Please contact your senators and let them know you support the Express Carrier legislation.

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    UPS is number one and FDX is number three, behind SWA. Remember UPS drivers are number one also.