Will War Deserters Find Asylum in Canada?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by automated, Feb 7, 2006.

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    Jeffry House fled the U.S. for Canada in 1969 to avoid serving in Vietnam. Now an attorney, he's helping another generation of young Americans seek political asylum in Canada rather than serve in Iraq.

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    There are some kids that join the military to get experience.Often they are encouraged to do this by thier parents.For some of these kids,when it comes to being a killing machine,they just dont fit in.You will never change them,and the military is probobly a lot better off without them.
    Unlike Vietnam with your draft dodgers,these kids have been led to believe that they were embarking on a career in the forces,but when they are asked to put thier life on the line in a war with questionable motives,they seek refuge here in Canada.I as a citizen,respect thier decision and welcome them with open arms.I suspect our courts will not be as open minded as me and send most of them back to be punished.
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    as long as the deserters lives are not un danger, the Canadian goverment must respect the extradition request and send them home, I think the treaty was changed after the war in Vietnam...
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    Lets be real here. The US military sends no "kids" to war. They are adult volunteers.

    Most are proud to serve their country, and do so with honor.

    Anyone who joins the armed forces KNOWS they may sometime be called upon to actually serve in a war. If you don't want to be sent to war, the solution is simple. DON'T ENLIST.

    Do we really have deserters running to Canada? I don't know, but if so, I would want them returned to face charges.
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    Not really much to debate here. There is no draft. Therefore no one can be accused of desertion. Without the avoidance of a draft anyone and everyone has the right to move to Canada at any time; free of the fear of being accused of desertion.
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    I agree with what you say (oh my god the world is ending:tongue_sm ) but I think this case involves a kid that was enlisted and did dissert from his unit. I found this paragraph in the article to make me think this way so see what you think.

    "Mr. Hinzman, 27, arrived in Canada in January 2004 after an 18-hour drive from North Carolina's Fort Bragg, where his unit, the 82nd Airborne Division, was preparing to deploy to Iraq. A lanky South Dakota native, Mr. Hinzman enlisted in the Army in 2000 seeking money for college and a chance to do something bigger with his life. To the men around him, he was a model soldier. Inside, however, he says he was tormented by doubts about whether killing was ever justified."