With $100, a Seattle teenager launched the company that would become UPS

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    With $100, a Seattle teenager launched the company that would become UPS - KUOW

    If you’ve been on the Seattle Underground Tour, you know that UPS launched here.

    If you just said, “Wait, what?” this story is for you.

    It starts in 1907 with a young man named Jim Casey. According to Dan McMackin, spokesperson for UPS, Casey came up with the idea to take messages from people and deliver them to others who didn’t have phones.

    Messenger services existed in Seattle already, and competition was stiff. But Jim Casey had strict policies of customer service and low rates, and his personal mantra was “best service and lowest rates.”

    Jim Casey, then 19, borrowed $100 and bought a bank of telephones and rented an office below a saloon in Pioneer Square — that office remains, but it’s underground.
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    If he saw what they turned his business into I believe he would be disgusted .
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    rod retired and happy

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    @rod was the first employee
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    And the last good one
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    That’s really amazing when you compare it to the average 19 year old now.

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    I used to enjoy going to the Pioneer Square Saloon with my old college buddy before downtown got overrun with bums.