Wondering if I could get some help (WORMA hub)

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    First off, thank you to the hard working employees that take time after hours to answer customer questions like mine. It is greatly appreciated and I hope your extra work gets acknowledged by UPS.

    I have a package scheduled for delivery to me via UPS ground on 5/24/10 with signature confirmation. I would very much like to get this package earlier if at all possible.

    Currently, it sits at the Shrewsbury, MA hub with the status ARRIVAL SCAN. I am willing to make the drive out there, but I have no way of contacting them, nor do I know their hours. If I could get either a phone number and/or their hours it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

    Also, if anyone wants to help me further I'd be willing to PM the tracking number. I just don't want it on a public forum.
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    bsmack, I would like you to look at your tracking number for a moment, specifically the 9th and 10th digits. If these digits are 03 then it is a regular ground and the driver can driver release at your home. If these digits are 42 or A8 then you will have to sign for this package at delivery. If you would like to pickup the pkg at the center you can call our toll free number (1-800-742-5877) and request that the pkg be held at the center. They should also have the customer counter hours for that center. You can also opt to have the package redirected to your place of employment if that is more convenient for you.
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    Thank you so much for your reply. I have actually called the center and they've told me that a delivery attempt must be made first before I can make a request for them to hold it and refused to give me any contact information for the sorting facility. The digits are 42...can't they just look at my driver's license when I go to pick it up?
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    That is not true. You can have the pkg held prior to first delivery attempt. Call the toll free number before 8pm, give them the tracking number, and tell them you would like to pick it up at the center on Monday. You will need to show ID at the customer counter. Dave.
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    I've called again and was told the same thing by a different employee. I guess it kind of defeats the purpose for me anyways as it would be too late for me to pick it up today. Do most hubs not have weekend hours for customers to pick up packages?
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    My advice to you was to call the toll free number, not the center. No, you cannot pick it up today as it is not there--it won't be there until Monday. I am not aware of any centers that have weekend customer counter hours.

    I suggested the option of you asking that your package be delivered to your place of employment. Is this something that you might like to do?

    Call the toll free number and tell them what you would like us to do with your package on Monday.

    The ball is in your court. I'm out--watching the Red Sox/Phillies.
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    Sorry for getting my terminology mixed up, I have been calling the toll free number. I don't have a number for the sorting facility to call. So ARRIVAL SCAN doesn't mean that the package is actually at the sorting facility? Thanks for your help again.

    Go sox!!
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    The next scan should say DEPARTURE SCAN. This means that your package has gone through the sort process and is enroute to your local center.

    If the center will not allow you to put it on hold without a delivery attempt being made you do have the option for what we call same day will call, which means you can pick your package up at the center Monday evening. You will need the info notice that the driver will leave on your door to start this process. You would call the same toll free number to request same day will call.

    Our center has no problem with putting packages on hold without a delivery attempt but we are a small center.

    Another option that I just thought of is having the driver indirect your package to a neighbor. You can request this by leaving a note on your door Monday.

    Or you could always take a "mental health day" and be home when the driver shows up.:wink2:
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    Thanks for all the help. I'm a DJ and wanted the equipment to use for a gig this Saturday, but I can just borrow a friend's. Guess it wouldn't kill me to wait until Monday :)

    Rather than make a new thread, I'll ask another question here. I have another package that's been sitting in ORIGIN SCAN status since the afternoon of the 19th. If it helps, these two packages are bundled together in one "shipment" but have two different tracking numbers. The delivery date for this one is still Monday. Should I still assume it's coming Monday or has something gone horribly wrong? For reference, the other package in this shipment has been scanned this afternoon at my local sorting facility.
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    They will both be out for delivery on Monday.

    Let us know how things work out for you.

    Good night.