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apparently last nite on our reload the belts were piled so high, the boxes got hung up on one of the water pipes and since we always "think like a customer" (as the banner in my bldg. states) instead of easing off the flow, they just continued to push untill the pipe burst from the pressure, water everywhere, literally had to get the FD to assist in clean up, the pkgs. were loaded soaking wet regardless......anyone @ CACH on the recieving end.......


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We had that happen a couple weeks ago, someone busted the head off of a sprinkler main. Hub was shut down for almost 2 hours. Night sort ran into the sunrise sort.

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That is what happens when the goal of each sup running the areas is to get their "numbers". You'd think we worked in a factory nowadays. Someone should tell them that if they would actually stop or slow down once in a while to smooth the flow out so jams wouldn't occur that it would actually help raise their precious numbers because belts, packages, and even people, wouldn't break as much and that would result in less downtime overall. When I worked in a hub I worked in smalls a while and there was a belt everyone had to cross to get to their area (you could walk under it but it was a very long walk away)so it would be stopped hundreds of times during the sort. Sometimes people would forget to turn it back on and after about 30 seconds, if that, one of the sups would come running around the corner yelling "BELT BELT BELT" "I've got people down stairs screaming at me on the radio for screwing up their numbers!" We would hear our sup comming before they'd turn the corner becuase you could hair people screamin at them on the radio. It was a blast. One day we were instructed not to turn the belt off unless it was life or death and the belts downstairs jammed so badly they tore off and...well...I'll put it this way. It was about two hours before we were able to send anymore smalls bags down. Proof that stopping the belts once in a while actually helps productivity. What they want is like trying to pump all the blood through the heart at the same time instead of one continous flow. So in a way the hubs have a heart attack every day.


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I am sure most people who have worked in hubs that have a high ( 40' or higher) pickoffs have seen the Niagra(sp?) Falls effect when the packages come cascading off the belt because of a jam. It's funny for a bit until you end up being the one that has to do all the rewraps and damage reports.


Oh cmon think out side the box...its the new way of saving $ on lubricant for the slides!!!


And why a supervisor didnt stop the flow is beyond me. What a bunch of idiots.


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Believe it or not, some hub sups will stop the belt when there is a safety or service concern in our building. Not only that but the hourly employees are aloud to stop the belt also. There are some management teams who are more concerned about quality of service and commitment to excellence than others. Sometimes we shut down the entire sort when one belt is getting hammered, we clean it up, and adjust staffing to get a more even flow.
Believe it or not this is a NDA sort where the planes have to get out on time, not a ground sort.
I guess my point is that, it is not all bad everywhere.

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Had that happen here too, belt from one of the secondaries jammed up and a long package hung up on one of the sprinklers pipes till it finally broke. Was loading a trailer at the time, all of a sudden what looked like used oil came rushing down the chute into the trailer. Dumped 10,000+ gallons in matter of minutes, even after they shut off the supply line it kept coming because can not block the ready reserve volume, had about a foot of standing water on the belts.


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And further might I add that if you remember your belt training, only the person that cuts the belt off is authorized to cut it back on. That is in all your training that you have received. If a sup cuts the belt back on without you knowing, and they were not the one that cut it off, then file a safety grievance. Its that simple. And if there is no action on the matter, then call the corp hotline. That is why these measures are in place.

It is everyones responsibility to keep a safe working environment. Each work station has or should have a cut off switch in that location. If you see damage about to occur, cut the belt off. That is what they are there for.

Safety only works if everyone is on the same page. Not only management, or hourly, but everyone.