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    What's the typical work week for ups freight drivers (city driver, ltl driver, and etc. )

  2. bobs barricade tester

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    it varies but at my terminal p&d drivers start time is 9am sometimes we have special runs where appointments need to be made and the start time could be earlier ut we try to use dock/cdl for these runs.

    You work until you are done, average work day at my terminal is 45-50 hours for p&d

    Road drivers we only have 1, he starts at 5pm works the outbound freight then makes 2 trips to the hub usually works about 10 hours.

    Dock workers normally start at 2am and work until done. At larger terminals it is shift work.

    At smaller terminals the freight level is a huge factor in hours worked.
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    You work your ass off.
    Thats the typical week at UPS Freight.
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    In another thread you were bitching about having to go home if there was no work. Which is it with you? Do you enjoy working or don't you?
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    I was speaking for other guys less fortunate ones that did receive those calls.