Working 6 days a week can they do this?

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    Hello, currently a cover driver and starting at Mothersday they started scheduling all the cover drivers six days a week. For Mothersday I understand lots of flowers and what not but now its every Saturday doing air or ground they never asked me and I never agreed to it. I asked my sups about it and they just give me the run around or they can do whatever they want with the schedule. Our union reps think it's kinda a gray area and are not sure either does any one here know if I can do anything? I expect this in peak but this is kinda strange.
  2. That's extra work and should be awarded by seniority. If no senior guy wants it then you get forced from the bottom up...
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    Make dat cheddar
  4. over9five

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    You tell that rep that six days a week is unacceptable, and he better have a talk with your management team.
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    Don’t worry, the combo guys will protect us from forced overtime ,:lol:
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    You're a PT Cover Driver I'm assuming. That's good. They can't hold you to any numbers. So turn those 9-10 hour days into 11-12 hour days. When Saturday comes around and they want you to work even though you only have 8 or less hours. Demand 8 or turn that 8 hours into 10 so that you have to bring back stops.

    Sllllooooooooooooooooooowwwww down so that you're close to 60 by the end of Friday. If they have a problem with it. Tell them to fix their staffing issues because you're fatigued from working 6 days.
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  7. barnyard

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    This is how you do it.
  8. Rabbitz

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    Thank you all for the great advice I will use it in the future if I have to. I talked to my sup about the Saturdays and they said your not working this Saturday we accidentally copied the same schedule for the last two weeks the mothers day one. I call total BS on this because they had a route waiting for me last week so they knew what they were doing kinda mad about that.
  9. Dr.Brownz

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    It's a never ending game with these :censored2:s. It will wear you out. You have to train yourself to go painfully slow everyday, it is the only way to survive this place. Stay strong brother!
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    Pull that mirror in !
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