Working at UPS, first Union job

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by SoCalUPS, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. SoCalUPS

    SoCalUPS Active Member

    New to union work. Working at UPS in Southern California during college. What should I know about working Union? My stewards are great and have been very helpful. Just discovered this forum and wanted to hear everyone's opinion. Thanks
  2. upschuck

    upschuck Well-Known Member

    Union does not give you a ticket to do nothing, like most people think; put in a good days work, but do it safely. The union is there to enforce the contract, and for fair treatment of the employees.
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  3. SoCalUPS

    SoCalUPS Active Member

    Thanks, I worked at a auto parts store before this and I already see the perks in union membership.
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  4. flatbread

    flatbread Occasional Lurker

    "Work as directed." You'll hear it enough if you spend any amount of time here. :)
  5. Dr.Brownz

    Dr.Brownz Well-Known Member

    Dont let ups push you to an unsafe pace. Move at a pace you can do everyday of the week and not feel burnt out by friday eve\saturday morning. Too much work? Dont speed up to fix the problems in their system because when you get injured it will be your fault for getting hurt.
  6. union4life

    union4life Active Member

    Having never worked in an "organized" environment, you will be doing yourself and your co-workers a tremendous service by getting involved now and not waiting until you are in some sort of situation where you are only relying on third party information.

    Obey the rules. Don't break the law or partake in actions you know are against company policy. Even if a supervisor instructs you to do something you have been trained and certified to do a different way. You can't go wrong by doing it right.

    Get your hands on your contract with supplement. Read it. Ask questions of your Stewards and Business Agents when you see them. Attend all of your Local's meetings and take notes.

    Never bring reproach on a fellow member. If you have an issue with someone you work with, talk to that person one on one and get it resolved. Don't let it turn to resentment.

    You are part of something bigger than a single person now. The Teamsters before you paved the way. Don't forget them and what price they paid. Be proud of it and work hard at your craft.
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  7. 251

    251 You know me...

    This should be on the inside cover of every Union contract ever printed.
  8. SoCalUPS

    SoCalUPS Active Member

    Thank you very much. I am currently studying about the labor movement in America. My stewards and Union reps have been very helpful. My grandfather was a union man. We had a nice sit down on the history of the Teamsters. He was in freight.
  9. union4life

    union4life Active Member

    Your welcome. I'm glad you have someone close to you that has first hand knowledge of working in an organized industry.