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    Anyone ever been to World Port in Louisville? I had a chance to see it yesterday (Sunday). That place is HUGE. It is almost like a town. Heck, that place is BIGGER than my home town. I was talking with one of the supervisors told me they are DOUBLING the size. Thank goodness I got to take a few photos.
  2. raceanoncr

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    Yeah, been there many times.

    You get to see the pilot lounge, with recliners, beds, etc.? You get to see the DRIVER lounge, oh, wait, there ain't none. You get to see the tin closet they call "showers" for the drivers?
    You get to see the diesel above-ground fuel tank with 4 pumps crammed on each corner and local and regional brown tractors trying to get in with local and national sleeper tractors also waiting (on the clock) for an open spot?
    You get to see the closed-down wash tunnel (below 50 degrees, usually).
    You get to see the $150,000 canopy the pilots get to stand under waiting for their shuttle to take them to their cars?
    You get to see all the re-branded airplanes (that nobody ever sees unless you're "Chickeman" and can fly at 35,000 ft) at a clost of over $120,000 for starts?
    You get to see all the feeders and sleepers waiting for ONE package to clear the belt in an hour and a half at sort down?

    Yeah, I been there.
  3. Mystakilla

    Mystakilla Who the *$#@ cares.

    Sounds like your on salary the way your complaining, who cares?!?! he just asked if anyone has been there didnt want your input on your opinion of the place.
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    I work for ups cartage and I was actually wondering if there are any jobs available at worldport? Is there a listing somewhere, and can I move from the west coast to work there and not lose my seniority?? If anyone knows any answers to this let me know thanks.
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    Gee, whiz, MOM! Why'd you have to embarrass me in front of all my friends? Then sending me off to bed with no supper?

    OK! I'll be good from now on. And I'll still offer to help you with your English lesson. Huh? What's that? Well, when you said, "your on salary", should have been "you're" (a contraction of you and are) and "your complaining" (same thing).

    Night, MOM!
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    If your going to be anal about grammar. "You get" is not the proper way to start that sentence. Try "Did you get"

    That is all. Nothing to see here.:stupid:
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    I'm actually looking to transfer to Louisville this summer for school. In hub school, the trainer was telling us about all the amenities that are provided for employees at WorldPort. They made it sound like heaven. If I remember correctly, they even said there is a library/internet cafe for students.
  8. canon

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    you are

    The first period should be a comma if it's not going to be a sentence fragment, which means "Y" also shouldn't be capitalized. And there's a period missing after the directive.

    And although "get" is a real word, there is usually a better choice than either "get" or "got" when writing.

    "Did you receive..."
    "Did you accept..."

    Or, in this case, simply dropping the "get" would suffice.

    "Did you see..."

    I understood the "You get to see..." to be a more informal approach to conversation, written as it would be spoken. I do it myself from time to time, and also rely heavily on "u", "thru", "tho" and other informal methods to shorten keystrokes.

    Hehehe, sorry... had to point it out. It's just amusing the direction these threads take sometimes. I make it a point not to correct people, as I know I screw up a lot as well. The exception to the rule is when someone tries to call me stupid and does so with a bunch of misspelled words or bad grammar. Then it's just too easy.

    Carry on.:thumbup1:
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    Good one, Canon. I'm amazed also where these threads run off to. Try to infuse a little humor, some sarcasm, some satire and you get called names or are accused of forcing your opinion on the group.
    Guess (OK, I know I should start the sentence off with "I guess") humor is not welcome.

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    I'm not anal about grammar, I could care less....yes it should be YOU ARE.
  11. canon

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    :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Just messing with u joopster... couldn't pass on the opportunity. :thumbup1: