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    Yellow Roadway Corporation (NASDAQ: YELL)
    10990 Roe Ave.
    Overland Park, KS 66211 (Map)
    Phone: 913-696-6100
    Fax: 913-696-6116

    To find the wizard of nationwide less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation, just follow the yellow brick roadway. Created in 2003 when the former Yellow acquired rival Roadway, Yellow Roadway is by far the largest LTL company in the US. (LTL carriers consolidate freight from multiple shippers into a single trailer.) Subsidiary Yellow Transportation operates a fleet of nearly 8,400 tractors and 33,000 trailers from about 320 terminals throughout North America. Subsidiary Roadway Express, which maintains its brand, operates some 9,300 tractors and 32,000 trailers through a network of about 370 terminals. Yellow has completed its acquisition of trucking and logistics company USF Corporation.

    Fiscal Year-End December
    2004 Sales (mil.) $6,767.5
    1-Year Sales Growth 120.5%
    2004 Net Income (mil.) $184.3
    1-Year Net Income Growth 352.8%
    2004 Employees 50,000
    1-Year Employee Growth 0.0%

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    how about the link for us to find the paragraph you put up there. Its easy to find some of the info that you copied but i cant find that paragraph.?? Did you research this on your own and add a little in your own words?? help me out bro. cant find it anywhere
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    ironylife Guest type in yellow/roadway on left of screen.
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    still havent seen it. maybe im not looking at the correct date. what was the date on that article?
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    ive never set up a "link" before, so if you can run through how to do it with me then maybe I can hook one up. It seem not to be an article, but more of a info page.
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    how about the date of that info page. I tried a few things on yellows home page but dont see it. just go back to the article and cut and paste the link on your search.
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    Monte----I am sure that you are checking the facts regarding Caliber/Viking to see where you stand-------I will take a guess and say #2or #3?? Interesting that UPS purchased Overnite, rather than Yellow------what did you think of that....might be some chessboard moves takng place to prevent/encouragement towards Dueche Post/DHL??
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    Very interesting that UPS ended up with Overnite. A few years back, it was told that either Roadway Services or Caliber Systems was interested in buying Overnite, but bowed out due to the Teamster organizing activites going on there. To digress a little more, in 1994 when I started with RPS, my terminal manager told me that she had heard Yellow was thinking of starting a package division. Also, a common rumor at that time was that UPS was going to buy Yellow to get back at Roadway for encroaching on their package business.

    As far as DHL, I heard a rumor on the street that they are after CNF, now known as Con Way Freight.
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