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    I am surprised that no one had anything to say about the turned loose animals and driver safety.

    Any comments from the flat land?
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    Are you kidding? We had to memorize a new 13 point commentary about delivering with wild maneaters loose in your delivery area.
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    # 1 was making sure you bring enough lunch with you, esspecially raw meats ?
    Forget the doggie treats for now, eh ? :)
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    Keep your eyes moving for cougars and not the hot middle age ones.
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    Animals are tasty.
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    Where do you find these things??????
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    go advanced in the quick reply box, click on the (more) under the smiles options, another page of smiles will pop up.
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    We just had a pcm on tiger strikes. I guess this is their mating season or something.
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    Sheriff: 56 exotic animals escaped from farm near Zanesville; 49 killed by authorities | The Columbus Dispatch
    This is one of the saddest stories I have ever heard, and the pictures are just heartbreaking. These majestic animals dead, just because they happened to be wild animals, who never had a choice in their life. I know the sherriffs did the right thing, Im just saying it is incredibly sad,.
    Who knows what went through the mind of a man who was going to kill himself, he obviously wasnt thinking clearly. Who knows the last time these animals were fed? The public was in clear danger, a small child could have been dinner. A large man could have been. I do feel for the wife, who lost her husband and her "children". Just freaky sad.
  12. newb

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    the police killed 48 exotic animals, and of those 18 were endangered bengal tigers. smh at the police
  13. bigbrownhen

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    It was a truely sad situation for the animals all around. The guy had way too many, and lacked the funds to care for them properly. This should really be regulated more. The public and the animals deserve better treatment and security. I hate that they had to be shot, but if it kept some little kid from being mauled or killed, it was necessary. There just wasn't time nor personel trained to use tranquilizers.

    The man who owned the refuge showed no concern for the animals he set free. He had to know what would happen to them.
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    The 'other' white meat. :happy-very:
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    ​It is truly a heart breaking story.:crying: I don't understand people like this. How could he be so desperate as to turn out these animals into the public.

    I was listening to my local news on the radio this morning, on my way to work. The local PD arrested some guy and charged him with animal cruelty. The guy took a helpless kitten and slammed it against the doorjamb because the kitten was crying at the door. He dislocated the kittens collarbone. I seriously would like to take a bat to the Son of a Biatch and beat him til he can't stand. I don't F understand people.
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  16. over9five

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    Jack Hanna was involved in that. He backed up the police actions 100%. He said nowhere do they have enough tranquilizer guns on hand to handle so many animals. Also it takes 20 to 30 minutes for a dart to take affect.

    The public was in danger, the police did what they had to do. Blame for the killing of the animals lies solely with the man who set them free in a neighborhood.
  17. menotyou

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    Absolutely. Very selfish. And, being catholic, suicide is a HUGE no-no. Besides being the most selfish act a person can commit.
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    OH, PETA will be along yelling for something!! It'll be right after they have lunch at Bob Evans with ACLU.
  19. toonertoo

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    Had Jack not shown up, yes, they would have been screaling in the streets. His presence took away all that.
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    I wanted to dress up as a bear and go trick or treating in zanseville this weekend, oho well maybe next year.....