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    Im missing some information in the contract so I have 3 questions.

    What are the qualifications for the 9.5 list? (does it only work on a bid route, after full time progression 4years, and does it only kick in after 2 occurances per week?)

    What are the rules for 8 hour request? (2 a month and is it only applicable after full time progression)

    Finally if you get written up I have seen a few people mention 9 months time period, does that mean its dropped from your record, or is it just a general rule not to have more then 1 displinary action per every 9 months?

    Thanks for the help guys!
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    Read your contract and regional/local supplements (available online). Rules vary by area.
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    Do they not have stewards in your building?
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    Or a search engine on this site?
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    Pray on it and wait for a sign.
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    All very good advice.

    Could probably just close the thread.
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    Dear, new supervisor, please ask your center manager for the missing pages.
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    Maybe down the road?