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    (PT Loader) Is there a specific progression leading up to firing, or do they just say 'bye'.

    Also, what is a 22.3 job?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    For infractions other than those considered to be cardinal sins (dishonesty, theft, fighting), the company must use progressive discipline which, if uncorrected, could lead to termination.

    22.3 jobs are basically two PT jobs combined in to one. They could both be inside jobs, outside jobs, or one of each, and are guaranteed 8 hours per day.
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    UPS has changed the meaning of a cardinal sin so they can use that excuse in any case they want to interpret as a cardinal sin. The contract language is very vague on the definition which of course allows UPS flexibility and opportunity to abuse. There are definitely times when someone deserves to immediately be fired but I have seen others where it wasn't justified in my opinion.
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    Article 52 in NMA, read and become enlightened.
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    If you get fired you know it. Else you know you're on the discipline progress. Either you're walked out, or you have a meeting with management and a steward and the steward should be able to explain the situation you're in better than us here.
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    Keep your hands on the package,not in the package, greet the females with a friendly hello and not a slap on the arse and you should be fine here !!!
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    Yeah our BA always says its vague for a reason. Gives both sides wiggle room. If it was black and white there would be no defending the employee of a cardinal sin.
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    Cardinals used to be quite specific in definition, right? Wasn't there a list?
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    A short list I think but I don't remember the exact wording. Not quite specific but less vague than it is now.
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    I just remember they used to have a cardinal sin list posted years ago in the cafeteria...
  11. Now, anyting you do wrong.....they try to pull "failure to follow Instructions"
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    If insubordination were a cardinal sin...they would've marched my big mouth out of the building a long time
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    A loader really has to work hard to get fired.
  14. Wally

    Wally Hailing from Parts Unknown.

    A loader really has to work hard to get fired.
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  16. bleedinbrown58

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    I've been tryin for 8 years....they still won't! lol
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    Your building has a cafeteria?
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    Yes, sir.