UPS Plans to Use Social Media to Deliver the Needed Holiday Workers

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    UPS Plans to Use Social Media to Deliver the Needed Holiday Workers - Wall Street Journal

    Even at 108 years old, United Parcel Service Inc. knows how to tweet.

    Last year, about 25,000 of the delivery giant’s total 85,000 seasonal hires came through social media, says Lytana Kids, vice president of workforce planning. She thinks that strategy will pay off again this year as the company seeks to hire even more drivers, loaders and sorters to help out during the holidays.

    Social media is appealing in part because of the company’s targeted prospective employees. College students make excellent “delivery helpers”–riding along with the driver to help deliver packages, she says. Helper jobs, which make up a bulk of the needed workers between Thanksgiving and Christmas, typically pay $10 an hour.
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    $10/hr? :rofl: $8 in my local. You get what you pay for!
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    If you use social media to hire new workers wouldn't you tend to get workers who spend more time posting on social media than actually working?
  4. I want the old fat chick,to be my helper.
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    She'll break the jump'll never fold up
  6. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 mouth breathers...everywhere

    Can I be your helper? I'm awesome...and I won't get lost between the PC and the front
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    College kids tend to quit in 2 weeks after they realize how hard the work is. Some end up as table dealers at downtown casinos, while still going to college.
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    Only hired 55,000 last year not 85,000.

    Most of our helpers the last few years have been retirees. Not college kids.
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    College student here go to school until Christmas Eve and have off until 3 weeks into January. Our helpers are housewives and the unemployed. And unemployable.
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    they gave me a helper a few years ago,she looked like Aunt Bea from teh Andy Griffith show,only she weighed at least 275 pounds. It was a fun day,and the next morning i had a GREAT answer for the "what Happened Yesterday???" question
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    one of them lives in a neighborhood iwhere I sometimes get splits,and she was VERY unhappy when she asked me 'dont you know who I am??????" and i was uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no
  13. Did you hit It?:alien2:
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    we could have both hit it at the same time and never saw each other lol. She was a BIG girl
  15. Ive,will pass on that bid. All yours.
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    [​IMG] $10 an hour.