black friday

  1. draxmoon

    Black Friday Hazmat Auditor Pay

    Hey everyone, I'm new to BrownCafe so hopefully I'm posting this question in the right thread. I didn't know where else to turn to as NO one in my area is giving me a definite answer lol. Quick background of my job here to better assist in answers: I am a part-time hourly Hazmat Auditor and...
  2. Benben

    The loss of Black Friday as a holiday.

    OK, just a little preemptive, please think about this! I have seen it brought up in a couple of threads. Since the nightmare peak a few years back one of UPS's "solution" to fix missed X-mas deliveries was for us all to work the day after Thanksgiving (DAT). In the Central for DAT we were...
  3. H


    Online sales boomed on Black Friday Were gonna get blown out pretty quick....
  4. Tony G.

    Black Friday 2016

    For this year Black Friday, November 25 (friday right after thanksgiving) is that an holiday off for UPS package handlers? I have an important trip to go to that weekend and was curious if that was off since time requested is usually put on hold during the holiday season. Thanks