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    Dot disqualified

    Hey I need advice! I’m a driver and have been. I had a serious mental health issue happen while I was on disability leave for a back injury. I went to get my DOT recently and was told there is a 1 year waiting period which will be done in February. I told my full time sup that I’m physically...
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    Medical Certification with diabetes.

    Hello everyone! I got hired at UPS as truck preloader couple months ago. I'm working hard and my supervisors are pretty happy with my work performance. Of course I want to move up to Driver and working hard for it. The only problem: I have diabetes type 1 (insulin dependable) for over 20 years...
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    DOT Physical

    So my card expires later this month, sup told me what urgent care place to go to and what not and said the paperwork i have to print is on Well i went and dug around and the only thing i can find is OSHA respiratory exam, and once filled out it would be 16 pages to print out. Is this...