1. D

    Past Practice

    I am currently an ADA package car driver that got injured while driving in 2006, and received an accommodation in 2008 when the economy took a dive, at that time all they had available was a part time porter position(which I accepted). I drove for 3.5years as a full time package car driver from...
  2. U

    I cannot view my time card?

    Does anyone else get’s server IP address could not be found. when they try to view their timecard on upsers? I cannot find another way to view my time.
  3. cheryl

    7 Pro-Labor Stocks to Buy

    7 Pro-Labor Stocks to Buy - Investor Place Back in June, UPS unionized workers were heading for a big strike after the company announced it wanted to make part-time employees, full time, so they could make weekend deliveries. What’s the big deal? Well, full-time employees typically earn...
  4. Hethatbeking

    The Nader Ultimatum

    I'm sick and tired of it. Decades of ever increasing profitability. Massive tax subsides from Uncle Sam. And a yet somehow UPS continues to disrespect the very workers that got them to the top. So if this contract passes I will become the Ralph Nader of the delivery industry. I am going to...
  5. Hethatbeking

    Power yields nothing w/o demand

    The Kanye/Jay-Z Approach to Bargaining
  6. D

    Shuttle Work

    I am a combo employee who has a bid of 2-inside jobs, Can I sign-up to be a shuttler for a different sort/building? The shuttler work and the regular combo work I bid on are at the same time, So its not extra work. Its just due to getting ground pay over combo pay rate? Or is this strictly for...