7 Pro-Labor Stocks to Buy

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    7 Pro-Labor Stocks to Buy - Investor Place

    Back in June, UPS unionized workers were heading for a big strike after the company announced it wanted to make part-time employees, full time, so they could make weekend deliveries.

    What’s the big deal?

    Well, full-time employees typically earn $36-an-hour, while part-timers make considerably less at $15-an-hour. The company wanted to pay those weekend employees $15-an-hour despite working full-time hours.

    Fortunately, for UPS shareholders, the company came to a five-year agreement with the Teamsters, who represent the 250,000 (58% of the total workforce), unionized employees.
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    Oh man, it's gonna be one big rude awakening when we vote this thing down. Ouch.
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    We did?
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