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    I am a combo employee who has a bid of 2-inside jobs, Can I sign-up to be a shuttler for a different sort/building? The shuttler work and the regular combo work I bid on are at the same time, So its not extra work. Its just due to getting ground pay over combo pay rate? Or is this strictly for Air drivers/exception air drivers which I believe is only granted for part-timers?
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    Is the shuttle work bid as a FT job? Or is it a PT position? Did a PT'er retire/move jobs?

    In this area, no, you can't abandon your combo job to do shuttle work, unless the work is a FT bid and you secure it. You are inside/inside and are committed to that job. IF you are a FT ins/outside and the work is available, you could use the preferred job language to try to get the work, however if it's center work, you'd need to be bid in that center. If it's hub/building work, could vary.

    When I am inside/inside bid, UPS won't let me drive during peak and abandon my inside job classification. I tried that years ago, even though I'm qualified FT driver and they were desperate.
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    Its not assigned work period its a Building sort that needs chasers to follow after first shuttler is blown out. Currently there has been sime parttimers doing it and I heard they are exception air drivers. They work has no bid and isnt assigned its just on a as need bases. Its also not center affiliated. Can I as a combo obtain a DOT and preform the work. And if not where does it say Combos whether inside or ouside combo bids can do these extra duties?
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    ask your local union and look at your supplement language, no one here is going to get you a definitive answer.

    But the answer is probably going to be NO, since your inside/inside job is non-DOT, and it sounds like exception work anyway.

    Basically, you would need to be FT combo inside/outside, DOT, and also exception air for those outside hours of your combo - AND align with the time the shuttle work needs to go. Fat chance.
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