new employee

  1. K

    ADP Registration and MDA App

    Hello! I'm new and my first day is November 15th,2021 as a driver helper. I was trying to set up my ADP account for my pay card and MDA on my phone. When trying to register for ADP, it says that my information can't be found in their records and to try again, even with all the correct...
  2. Asher513

    New hire but not paying union dues??

    I'm a new hire for preload and was told that my union status would be immediate and I would start paying dues right away. My second pay stub comes in and no dues. Nada. I talked to my rep and he said he'd talk to the business rep but he doesn't come in for another week. I'm going to call the...
  3. J

    Gems login doesn't work!

    Hi there, I am a new employee to UPS. I am able to log into UPSers just fine, but when I try to add direct deposit info, it takes me to a site called and a small box asks me to sign in again but my login info doesn't work there. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. jlynnp0770

    Trying to figure out union stuff

    I am fairly new to UPS. Started as a driver helper, never really intended to come on permanent, but management kept asking me, so I said yes (best decision for me as I love the morning workouts!). Every time I mention Union at my center, I barely get answers. I just want to know when I become...
  5. toonertoo

    For all new hires, go here (on topic)

    I am going to try to compile a faq page for all new hires. New UPSers, feel free to post your questions here in this thread if you haven't found your answer elsewhere.