Trying to figure out union stuff


I am fairly new to UPS. Started as a driver helper, never really intended to come on permanent, but management kept asking me, so I said yes (best decision for me as I love the morning workouts!).
Every time I mention Union at my center, I barely get answers. I just want to know when I become part of the Union, how I find out what they are doing for me, how much dues are, etc. I have not been part of a Union since I was a teen working in a factory where they took union dues and other than representing those with possible disciplinary actions coming to them, I don't remember much about union.
I received a package with information about union 401k and Roth plans, which I signed up for almost immediately, but just cannot get other information about how to contact the union or what other benefits are available from the union.
Suggestions on where to look?

Wit Cho Yo Goofass

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Ask someone who’s been there a while to point you towards a steward on your shift. Hey should have been introduced to you during orientation & you should have also been given of list of contacts of said union stewards.