1. M

    Less than 8hrs......

    So I'm senior driver that's been on my route almost 17 years. A question for you all. Is it worth the ink of fighting management for not dispatching me at least 8 hrs of work, giving my work to pvd drivers hence no overtime for me? I filled a grievance yesterday for the under dispatch and...
  2. G

    PVD new hire with orentantion probs

    Okay so I put in for the PVD position on the 15th of this month, had a date and time for monday oct 31st at 10AM. But I go to check up on it again on the careers page and it now says " your application has been submitted and does not require anymore attention at this time." What do I do??
  3. 2

    PVD Driver

    I was hired as a PVD in May and went through the orientation in late May. After orientation they made the comment about getting us started as early as the next day. The job was described as a seasonal position that would be needed through August. Then I was never utilized as a driver. I...
  4. rod

    Unwanted Amazon packages

    There was an article in yesterdays paper about a Mn. couple who is getting all kinds of stuff (including sex toys) they never ordered. They have done everything up to and including going to the police to get it to stop but the packages keep coming.