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    So last week I did a pick up for one of my customers. This was a day that my scanner rebooted every stop because we have high quality scanners LOL. Apparently a couple of the boxes did not make it through to the computer system. They were never scanned at any building either so four of the six boxes were delivered Saturday and my customer was ticked off being there was no record of the other boxes. He called 1 800 Go FedEx which we all know are complete morons anyways. They couldn't help him in any way a told him Quote The driver stole the boxes.
    I went Tuesday for a pick up and he informed what was going on needless to say I told him he shipped Home delivery if they all didn't get there Saturday they would be delivered Tuesday and to his suprise they were. Most people dont realize HD works T thru Sat.

    Getting off point here what right does some yahoo sitting behind a desk somewhere have to say I am a thief. I am extremley irritated and want everyone to know it. No wonder people think so highly of Ground employees. We dont work for the company we work for contractors so we all must be thiefs.
    Just wondering has anyone else been thrown under the bus by 1 800 GO FEDEX
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    What you have is called hearsay. The customer probably asked the rep what the issue is , and the rep likely gave a variety of possible outcomes. The customer then took it upon themselves to isolate the "thief" angle and run with it convienently forgetting the others.

    Seen it, deal with it enough times.
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    You might not know this, but FedEx has off-shored a bunch of it's customer service work, and they are completely lost when in it comes to understanding how FedEx works. Some of them don't even realize the divisions are separate entities. For example, our local Express ramp often gets traces for pkgs not even destined for that state. Plus, since the only vehicles at the ramp are CTV's, they don't deliver pkgs anyway...just containers.

    This is what you get when you emphasize costs over service. It's highly unlikely that Igor in Nowhereistan will be of much help to a customer after his 2 weeks of "intensive" training. What's really great is when customers get excuses like "the plane crashed", "it's snowing" (in the middle of summer) or other nonsensical lies that they've just pulled-out of their ass because they're too stupid to fix the customer's issue.

    I wonder if the moron you are referencing is one of the off-shore CSA's (Call Center Agents)?