100 year birthday party


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Where can I get more information about the UPS Centennial?

UPSers.com is your key source of information exclusive to UPS employees. In the “Our Company” section, there will be frequent Centennial updates to help keep you informed about January 2007 kickoff plans, Global Tour events, employee contests, Founders’ Day, and more.

You can also visit the UPS Centennial website located at ups.com/100. This new site is accessible by UPS employees, retirees, customers, and the general public from any computer with Internet access. You can read about the company’s rich history, view photos and videos, purchase special Centennial merchandise and collectibles, and download a free screen saver or desktop wallpaper for your PC. Each month a central theme is highlighted to help people learn more about our company, such as UPS employees, operations, airlines, and volunteerism.


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retired.....same thing here. I thought, how weird is this? You can see all the cities and no way to click on them to get info. :confused:1


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Has anyone attended a party yet? In looking at the online RSVP the choices of attending are yourself or yourself and one guest.


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good question. i just emailed my HR rep. I'll let you know what she says.

My HR rep emailed me back and I found out that retirees are absolutely welcome at the tour - as they should be! You will have to sign up via UPSers.com.

The good news is as long as you are not separated (as in quit) you are eligible for an account on UPSers.com even as a retiree.

You'll need your employee id from your last paycheck...it is not SSN if you've been retired that long.

I hope this information helps.


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hmmmm, I guess that means that we can't go since Tony left early and didn't officially "retire."

Oh well, someone post some pictures please.


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jules are you a management retiree or an employee? according the the upser.com portal I was denied access. retired as an employee in 2004. it says that it is available to retired members of the United Parcel Retirement Plan(meaning I believe those that retired from management).


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Looks like we won't be going either. Maybe the party date will be the 2nd Saturday in July, then instead of UPS, we can go moon the Amtrak trains in San Juan Cap. It'll be like the 29th year coming up.......don't you just love traditions?! :)